New version of Crate Manor for Oblivion

Bizarrely, the previous version had a “known issue” during testing, which was that the exterior door was missing, but if you took the Shivering Isles ‘back’ door and then exited to the Imperial City, the door would be back in its place. I put this down to the regular savegame corruption that causes a lot of doors to go walkies, just as they did in Morrowind.

Therefore I didn’t take too much notice when someone emailed me about it.

However, once I’d finally sorted out my recurrent nightmare of driver problems that has caused me to cut back on my modding lately, I checked out Crate Manor. Somehow, both doors had gone missing. I must have broken it in version 1.1 but the very savegame issues to which I’d attributed the weirdness must have retained at least one working entrance, hence the problem going undiscovered.

Anyway, just restoring the doors from their inexplicable positions in limbo (what were they doing there? Who put them there?) wasn’t good enough. It had long bugged me that I had these pretty self-contained homes in the style of of the major cities, and no easy way to jump back and forth between them. So, more crates with more trap doors, and now the Crate Manor doubles up as a handy rapid transport system.

Of course it’s a cheat – and weirdness will undoubtedly ensue if you use the door to/from the Shivering Isles without going through the proper quest. You have been warned!


2 Responses to “New version of Crate Manor for Oblivion”

  1. WolfHawk Says:

    Hi Princess,

    Longtime user of your mods for both Morrowind and Oblivion. I just noticed an issue in the Princess Crate Home. When in Anvil, there is an entrance to “Upper Level Sheogorath” in Heinrich Oaken-Hull’s home. When standing with your back to the front of Benirus Manor you face a door to Oaken-Hull’s home. That is the door that leads to Upper Level Sheogorath and is labeled as such when hovering your mouse over it. I believe it is supposed to be a back door to Oaken-Hulls home. There is no corresponding exit from inside Upper Level Sheogorath either.

    aka Pam

  2. princessstomper Says:

    Thanks. I did note that issue with an early version of the mod, and didn’t notice it with the latest version. I’ll check it out to see if it’s something I’ve missed and – if necessary – release a fixed version.

    If the issue isn’t there in my game, it could be some sort of savegame weirdness that happens when you install a new version of a mod over an old version.

    I’ll check to see which it is. Thanks for letting me know.

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