In Progress: Jacobstown Expanded

Yeah, I know: why start a new one when you have so many left to complete? Well, this is small and simple – just four new interiors – and I did it in a day!

Just got to check it all works!

Screenshots from the editor, since I haven’t had a chance to check it out in-game yet.

Cuter Veronica

Tweaks the Facegen settings to make Veronica look more like Felicia Day, the actress who voices her.

DOWNLOAD from Nexus

A Place to Stay in Goodsprings

This little mod redecorates the caravan outside the boarded up house in Goodsprings to make it more comfortable and useful to the player.

DOWNLOAD from Nexus

Cuter Boone

Well, if you’re going to be dragging a companion around the post-apocalyptic Mojave desert, he may as well be a cutie. This mod tweaks the Facegen settings to make your New Vegas companion more pleasant to look at. Now includes alternative version with buzz cut and different features.