Release my Morrowind WIPs?

The announcement of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim puts me into a quandary: do I keep hold of my Morrowind WIPs on the tiny offchance that I’ll ever finish them? Or should I release them as modder’s resources in case anyone else fancies a go? Decisions, decisions …


5 Responses to “Release my Morrowind WIPs?”

  1. Klous Says:

    Hey Princess! Funny story, I play Morrowind on and off and this time around I was looking for some nice rentable homes mods and yours was the only one. Anyway, I come to your site and start looking around, and lo and behold, there at the top of your updates section is a disclaimer about Tes V Skyrim. I would really have no other way of finding out that Tes V had been announced (For real this time) unless I had been looking for your mod. Anyway, the mod “Homes to let” was great, I dont know if you still do Morrowind mods, but an addition to the mod, (maybe some appartment additions to Balmora?) would be great. Once again, thanks for the news and the mod!

  2. princessstomper Says:

    Oh! I had completely forgotten that I was going to revamp the Homes to Let mod for Morrowind. Wow. That’s one I might actually tinker with a little bit before uploading. Of everything, it’s the one most likely to be finished. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Henkbein Says:

    Hi Princess.

    Don’t give away your Morrowind WIPs so easily.
    If ‘Skyrim’ sucks (i.e. even more simplified than Oblivion) many will play Morrowind again (i will, with graphical enhancement mods) so do implement your Morrowind WIPs. They will eventually end up in my collection.
    If ‘Skyrim’ is the true successor to Morrowind, you may want to port your Morrowind WIP ideas to Skyrim. Don’t give away ideas to the competition 😉

    if you wish to make a mod with a million downloads, here is my advice:
    -Install Blender
    -Load female meshes
    -Extrude tits
    -Extrude buttocks
    This can be done in an hour and you have will have a super mod!


    • princessstomper Says:

      I guess I view modding a little differently to some other people. I don’t view other modders as competition, and I mod to “serve” the game rather than buying a game just so I can mod it. That’s why I don’t make much for the Fallout games – they don’t need it!

      If you look at my music blog, you’ll see I’m not a ratings-chaser – I tend to neither consume nor produce the popular things.

  4. Henkbein Says:

    >>I don’t view other modders as competition,
    Neither do i. Don’t take my post to seriously on this. I learn from other modders and am happy to give them my wisdom.

    >>I mod to serve the game rather than buying a game
    I’m more selfish: i mod a game to serve myself (and hopefully some other players).

    >>I tend to neither consume nor produce the popular things.
    I’m with you here. My last remark (a mod with a million downloads) was a sarcastic one. The tesnexus downloads in this category surprised me.

    >>you’ll see I’m not a ratings-chaser
    I admit to being a ratings-chaser, but i try to achieve this by quality, not popularity. Unfortunately this often fails.

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