New update to Calvus & Rerlas

I received an email from a user saying that the Calvus & Rerlas mod for Morrowind had some sort of issue or conflict whereby Helseth thinks that Calvus is still with you, even if you’ve left him outside, when you go to fight Karrod.

Because I couldn’t find whatever was causing this – Helseth’s dialogue was filtered correctly – I added a result to Helseth’s line whereby when he tells you to leave Calvus outside, it switches the variable MercenaryNear to 0.

Of course, this takes no account of whether the mercenary is with you or not, so the more unscrupulous player could theoretically bring Calvus into the fight – but better that than have the player permanently unable to fight the king’s champion or remove the line and risk the player inadvertently cheating in the match. I’ll just have to rely on your honesty for that one. I’ve done the same for Calvia and included both .esp files in the updated file which is up at Planet Elder Scrolls.

Now that the user has confirmed that the fix works, it’s safe to upload this to other sites – I’m sure I’ll get around to mirroring this at some point, but feel free to do so if so inclined (remembering that you’d be responsible for it if I update it again).

Talking of which, I was notified today that Softpedia have uploaded some of my mods to their site, but thus far they appear to be some of my smaller Oblivion mods. I’ll admit that I’m not terribly familiar with their site, so I’ll take it as a reminder to have a look and see what treats I can find.