Eligible Bachelors

Note: version 1.1 fixes the “grey face” bug

The ladies of Skyrim are a pretty bunch, but the men … not so much. My usual reaction on meeting a marriageable NPC is “yikes!”, so this is a little stat tweak to each male marriageable NPC to make them better looking.

They’re not all going to end up pretty like Orlando Bloom, but if they more resemble Aragorn than Gollum, I’m on the right track. 

Some (like Marcurio) have barely been altered and some (like Erik the Slayer) have not been touched at all. In some cases, face paint shows up in the editor but not in my game, so it might still appear in yours (in which case it will be unaltered from how the character originally appeared).

You may need to merge this mod with other follower-altering mods for compatability.

DOWNLOAD from Steam

DOWNLOAD from Nexus

One Response to “Eligible Bachelors”

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    […] uploaded an update to my Skyrim makeover mod, Eligible Bachelors – this version further tweaks Vilkas and Belrand – but I’m currently unable to […]

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