Mods uploaded to 4shared

I am uploading all of my mods to the following link:

Any remaining mods that aren’t already mirrored elsewhere will be uploaded to other sites over the coming weeks.

Broken links

NZdawghaus has very kindly been uploading mods lost in the Elricm/PES closures/archives to Morrowind Modding History, and I’ve updated the links here from his list, but if you spot any dead links, please let me know and I’ll try to find other homes for them.

NB just googling the mod will usually bring up alternative download links, mostly at softpedia, though I haven’t tested those links.

Princess Riverwood Cottage

A small one-bedroom cottage in Riverwood (“Ivy Cottage”)

In Riverwood village on the main road, at the opposite end to where you enter for the first time
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Closure of Princess Stomper’s Lounge

If you’re looking for the little Proboards forum I used to run, it’s now been closed since it was simply duplicating conversations held on other social networks. Like many private forums, it was slow-moving and little-used, so I made the decision to close it to maintain more active discussions elsewhere.

To find a small, friendly place to talk about Elder Scrolls modding, why not head on over to Skyrim Real Estate? I will, of course, be active there, posting threads about my releases and contributing to discussions on other people’s mods.

To those of you who made the five or so years of Princess Stomper’s Lounge a pleasure, thank you! Thanks also to Lady Rae, Kateri, Tommy Khajiit, Qarl and others who helped me set the forum up and keep it running smoothly throughout its duration.

Markarth Dwemer Palace

A four-bedroom mansion at Understone Keep. Read the rest of this entry »