Markarth Dwemer Palace

A four-bedroom mansion at Understone Keep.

This mod was created for the Skyrim Real Estate Underground Homes Challenge.


Go to the ruins of Nchuand-Zel (through Understone Keep, under Markarth). The excavation site has uncovered an elevator descending to the depths beneath the city (directly to your left near the entrance), though nobody has yet dared to see where it leads. You can move in right away – though there is a quest of sorts, it’s designed to let you take immediate residence for those who just want to enjoy their new home without any fuss.


– reception hall with dining area
– grand hall for entertaining
– study
– lounge
– master suite with en-suite bathroom
– double bedroom w/ half bath
– twin bedroom w/ half bath
– spare twin bedroom
– sauna
– pool
– blacksmith forge and accessories
– display hall with mannequins
– practice area with dummies and weapon racks
– smelter, alchemy and enchanting stations with indoor herb garden
– grand kitchen
– servants’ quarters/barracks


– non-respawning clutter: you can clear stuff away in the main house and it won’t come back. (*NOTE* – the alchemy satchel DOES respawn, as do the items on/near the dining table, and the wine and mead barrels)
– working taps and light switches
– non-aggressive “pet” Dwemer bots


– Who’s been feeding the plants?
— See the little Dwemer Gardener balls in some of the plant pots? They maintain the eco system

– Why don’t the automatons attack?
— They weren’t programmed to hurt anyone – just to go about their business

– Why hasn’t anyone else claimed the palace for their own?
— The ruins have only just been uncovered and frankly everyone’s too scared of the spider to go near it

– Why do parts of the palace glow different colors?
— It’s magic. The Dwemer may be masters of technology, but Radac Nchuand-Zel meddled with the arcane

– Why is everything in pristine condition if it’s been untouched for hundreds of years?
— The automatons kept it tidy

– Is it navmeshed?
— Of course!


SoLo, who inspired me to swap the lever tap for a valve tap.
CerebralDreams, who inspired me to add the little magical light by the indoor herb garden so you can see the plants better.


– look carefully at the puzzle box in the spare room – it’s a portal to a secret cavern! Enter this lost dungeon to battle the undead previous owner and his deadly pets
– pull the lever to reveal the portal boxes granting instant travel to and from Whiterun Bannered Mare; Windhelm Candlehearth Hall; Solitude Winking Skeever and Riften Bee & Barb [note: pulling the lever again disables the portals except to/from the house]
– find the puzzlebox portal to the secret chamber where Radac practiced his evil arts
– find the deed to claim the palace … your new home.


– The kitchen tap doesn’t animate like the en-suite bath tap, even though they are the exact same object
– Sometimes the deed won’t appear in the game – I have no idea why
– The mannequins move when you leave the cell but are frozen in a new position when you return. It’s Doctor Who levels of creepy. This mod aims to fix that:


1.2 – lighting enhanced, ‘do not settle’ added to apples in master bedroom
1.1 – some of the lever taps swapped for valve taps, roombound correction



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