Closure of Princess Stomper’s Lounge

If you’re looking for the little Proboards forum I used to run, it’s now been closed since it was simply duplicating conversations held on other social networks. Like many private forums, it was slow-moving and little-used, so I made the decision to close it to maintain more active discussions elsewhere.

To find a small, friendly place to talk about Elder Scrolls modding, why not head on over to Skyrim Real Estate? I will, of course, be active there, posting threads about my releases and contributing to discussions on other people’s mods.

To those of you who made the five or so years of Princess Stomper’s Lounge a pleasure, thank you! Thanks also to Lady Rae, Kateri, Tommy Khajiit, Qarl and others who helped me set the forum up and keep it running smoothly throughout its duration.

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