Abandoned Morrowind WIPs up for grabs

As promised, I’ve uploaded a couple of abandoned WIPs that you are welcome to finish up and release if you are so minded:

Better Tribunal Main Quest

This was plugging some of the minor holes in the TB MQ – adding extra and alternative dialogue in key scenes. I think it was mostly done, from memory, but I’ve added in some notes as a text file for another modder to pick this up.

Mages Guild Apartments

I thought it might be nice if there was a comfortable room for the player in each of the mages guilds. I didn’t get too far in this one – as far as I recall, I did Balmora, Ald’ruhn, Caldera and part of the Wolverine Hall guild.

[Note: if you have any problems downloading the files, try logging into 4shared]

2 Responses to “Abandoned Morrowind WIPs up for grabs”

  1. Ostar Says:

    With your permission, I’ve taken up the Tribunal MQ. I am the author of Less Generic Tribunal, which you supplied Barenziah dialogue for. I’ll be merging it with LG Tribunal, making all the MQ additions an optional path just in case. Good idea on Soth Sil – I’ve even expanded his dialogue using “The Last Words of Sotha Sil”. I’ll be sure to send send you a copy before release, and credit you and A. Antares.

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