Princess Breezehome Extension

Extends Breezhome with a larger bedroom, extra bed in the housecarl’s room, kitchen/alchemy area, display area, and basement with storage, mini-sauna, bath/pool, combat area, forge, and 4-bed dorm.

Rearranged living space with extended entrance (firepit no longer so close to front door), enlarged utility room (repurposed as display/storage area with enchanting bench) and new kitchen with sink, wall fireplace and herb garden. On the main floor there are 4 new weapon plaques, 3 mannequins, 4 Winterhold bookcases, 2 display cases, 4 new cupboards and 4 ingredients jars. Curtains have been added to windows, and decorative touches throughout.

Upstairs, the Housecarl’s room has an extra bed with extra side-table and wardrobe.

The enlarged player’s room has a 4-poster bed.

The kitchen contains a trap door (so should be compatible with any other “basement” mod) with further storage (2x end table, dresser, cupboard, 4x sack, 3x barrel, 7x chest) and a *respawning* mead barrel.

As well as this storage, the cellar has a mini-sauna, small pool/bath, tap/sink, wood chopping block, tanning rack, forge, armor workbench, anvil, and dorm area for companions with 4 beds.

Known issues:

  • If you add this mod to an ongoing game, Skyrim “remembers” the old placements of furniture so food, etc will be hanging in mid air. This mod is only suitable for games where the player has not already entered Breezehome.
  • You cannot activate the taps to turn off the water. I have no idea why, since it’s the same scripts as my Markarth Palace mod.
  • I noticed that when you look out through the gaps in the roof you could see across to the interior of the other upstairs rooms, which was obviously not intentional. Logically, it must have always been this way, but to correct it I have added boards to the exterior which blocks out a little bit of the light but at least fixes that issue.

DOWNLOAD from Steam

DOWNLOAD from Nexus


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