Hearthfire Cheat Chests

A simple little mod that adds 3 chests – one to each location – containing (hopefully) all the items you’ll need to build and furnish your home. Since the listings I found on various websites of how many ingots, clay bricks, etc. were a tad ambiguous, you might have three times what you need, but better that than not enough! 

Mod also includes the amulets, gems and other items for the more unique house furnishings.

The chest includes 5000g in cash and since it’s already at the building site before anything else is, you can use that to purchase the land deed.

Very obviously requires Hearthfire.

Download from Steam

Download from Nexus

This mod is aimed at the player who wants the fun of seeing their house go up but doesn’t want to rummage around to find all the bits – or just someone in a hurry. I realise there will inevitably be several mods that do the same thing, but of the two others I found like this, one just added 1000 of everything (which I didn’t want to do) and the other altered the existing chests, which I also didn’t want to do. I figured this was the least impactful way to do this.

I’m going to release another Hearthfire mod to make the other changes I had originally planned.

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