Whiterun Starter Home

Project: Whiterun Starter Home
Author: Princess Stomper
Version: 1.0
Release Date: 09/11/2013
Category: Houses
Website(s): Steam, Nexus


Skryim, Hearthfire DLC


Adds a small shack called Plains View Cottage to the poorer district of Whiterun. No barrier to ownership – just walk on in.


– Hallway (+ weapons storage)
– Bathroom (bath, sink, toilet)

– Kitchen-dining area (Hearthfire oven and food)
– Lounge area (sofa-benches, bookcase, alchemy/enchanting)
– Sleeping area (2x double beds)

Credits for Resources used:

Filled bookshelves (set up as containers): Lilith & InsanitySorrow
Filled washbasins: Lilith & InsanitySorrow

Toilet: Runscorn

Known Issues:

  • The house is equipped with a “child bed” but there don’t seem to be any instructions on how to make the house child-friendly. It should be fine if you’re using a modder-made child companion that doesn’t rely on scripts counting Breezhome etc as “home”.
  • Alternatively, if you’re braver than me, you could try Marry and Companion Free to persuade the kid to follow you to the new building, but I wouldn’t like to guess what that would do to their scripts.
  • The alchemy and enchanting labs are scaled down to fit, which will lead to 3rd person animation weirdness when you’re using them. I don’t mind that, and hopefully you won’t either: it’s just the visual distorting effects of magic, after all.
  • Most of the storage in the house is unconventional, so look closely – e.g. the “potion” is actually a container for potions.

Screenshots and download:

Steam, Nexus


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