Solstheim Castle

Project: Solstheim Castle: A Tribute
Author: princess_stomper
Version: 1.0
Release Date: 30/11/2013
Category: Houses
Website(s): Nexus, Steam


Skyrim + Update.esm
Dawnguard DLC
Dragonborn DLC

***YOU MUST DISABLE YOUR BORDERS*** Add bBorderRegionsEnabled=0 in the section in Skyrim.ini.

*OPTIONAL alternative .esp file: adds festive lights to the castle and grounds (do not use both .esp files)*


  • Large, detailed, functional house with NPCs and services.
  • Recreation of Korana’s classic mod for Morrowind. Think of it like a band’s cover version: not a facsimile, but evoking enough of the original for you to recognise it Location: north-east of Solstheim, near Horker Island



A fortified manor house (as opposed to stronghold or warehouse) with many large, detailed rooms for each major “function” – bedrooms, alchemy lab, armory, etc. plus surrounding shops and services. There is no quest for ownership (it is assumed that you have retained or inherited the house from Morrowind’s original owner), though a hidden dungeon provides a brief combat opportunity.


  • Reception hall (inc banqueting table, balcony over stage area, small lounge)
  • Reception room (with throne and space for entertaining)
  • Kitchen
  • Breakfast room*
  • Servants’ quarters (three unallocated beds)
  • (hidden vampire’s quarters)*
  • Armory, display room and training room
  • Trophy room and menagerie
  • Swimming pool
  • Library
  • (concealed shrine to Azura)
  • Upper hall (with concealed private study), with small shrine area
  • Master suite (with four-poster bed and antechamber)
  • Lady’s chambers (with four-poster bed, antechamber and walk-in wardrobe)
  • 2x Guest/companion chambers (sleeps five)
  • Nursery (inhabited by your two young wards and their nanny + sleep-space for two more children)*
  • Greenhouse
  • Laboratory (with alchemy/enchanting tables, summoning room and planetarium)
  • Exterior balcony/solar overlooking the docks*
  • Courtyard*
  • Barracks
  • Blacksmith/trader
  • Dungeon (with concealed necromancer’s lair)
  • Cellar (leading to treasury)
  • Ripplewood Grove walled garden*
  • Brondolf’s Barrow (tomb)
  • Stables

* The breakfast room, vamp’s quarters, treasury and balcony are entirely new. The nursery replaces the Captain’s Quarters and the Courtyard and Ripplewood Grove are exterior areas that have been relocated to walled interior-as-exterior cells.


  • Freyvid – Your steward and J’smin coincidentally share names with their ancestors (perhaps not so surprising, given the tradition of naming children after family members). Freyvid is your loyal aide, tasked with the day-to-day running of the castle and supervision of its staff
  • J’smin – Your Khajiiti housekeeper, who supervises the cook and cleaning staff. Her role is to ensure that the castle is always stocked with food and wine, but should nothing nearby appeal, just give her a coin and she’ll supply you with something from the village
  • Safia and Tomas – your wards. As is common in this part of the world, young charges may be sent to live in a noble household for a variety of reasons: as hostages to keep their parents in line, as refugees from the conflict in their homeland, or simply as a more suitable environment for their upbringing
  • Agnis – The castle’s nurse, responsible for the supervision and education of the household’s children
  • Jorandil – Captain of the castle guard
  • Berwen – a caretaker of the plants in the greenhouse, with particular knowledge of their uses, both practical and arcane
  • Bugdul Skandar – A brave lieutenant in the castle guard
  • Jaques – a master of Illusion with mysterious origins, he can usually be found in the castle lab, whipping up a spell or two
  • Kaushad – an expert in light armor, with whom you can hone your skills
  • Lucius Capernius – a priest who offers counsel to those living in and around the castle
  • Piotr – a kindly old wizard who can teach you how to shield your armor with ancient magics
  • Joren Wolfmane – descended from a long line of castle blacksmiths
  • Ysabel – wife to Joren, Ysabel sells a variety of trinkets and useful wares
  • Snorri – the cook
  • Anja – daughter of Joren and Ysabel
  • Shara of Cloudrest – a lady’s maid
  • Danica and Jorleif – bards
  • Deldyne Girendal and Tadali Llathyn – maidservants
  • Bjorn and Thonronr – guards
  • Madali Belaal, Monden Llaram, Ababael Assantinalit and Llathen Salen – guards, originally from Vvardenfell. Ababael is from the Urshilaku tribe of nomadic Ashlanders


In Korana’s original mod, Varldshav Village surrounded the castle to the south. Unfortunately, Bethesda added Horker Island and the Dwemer ruin to the original location, which means that this castle had to be built slightly northeast of Korana’s original location, and there was physically no room for the village. Therefore, the inhabitants, 200 years on, have moved onto a ship that houses the tavern (Davie’s Locker) with a daily market up on deck.

  • Andilu Drothen – A market trader from Vivec
  • Fjolfr – son of Sotteri
  • Gundar – A market trader
  • Rolf – A market trader
  • Sabrina – A market trader
  • Sotteri – Innkeeper
  • Varrus – A gambler
  • Vedave Andrano – A bard


1) Extract the contents of the ZIP folder into your Data folder, preserving filepaths intact
2) Ensure that EITHER Solstheim Castle.esp OR Solstheim Castle FESTIVE LIGHTS.esp is checked (ticked) in the Data Files list when you start to run Skyrim


1) Delete the files/folders associated with the mod


None that I’m aware of.

Known Issues:

If you’re using the boat-door, the doormarker is a little close to the outside of the castle front door – this is deliberate, in case efforts to disable borders have failed.


30/11/13 : version 1.0 release:
– full NPC schedules added
– faction updates to add NPC traders
– dialogue updates to add NPC trainers
– final clutter pass
– crate and barrel by drawbridge removed
– Freyvid- and Jorandil-player relationship info fixed
– master bedroom updated ‘to look less like a corridor’
– more market clutter on ship deck
– doormarker moved on North/East wall
– jail cell bedrolls and benches swapped for static versions
– cavern door swapped for castle type so they match
– Ripplewood Grove gate swapped
– door added from Ripplewood Grove to near front docks
– more clutter added to merchant hall
– snow drift pieces removed from courtyard
– entrance added from barracks to castle
– trees planted outside dining hall window
– bookcases moved nearer wall in library
– weapon rack scripts to display cases in trophy room
– pillows and floor sleep-marker removed from kids’ room; nanny now sleeps in servants’ wing
– secret passageway added to fix spatial mismatch between ‘suspicious cabinets’ in master suites
– view in lady’s chamber fixed
– duplicate door removed from lab
– extra bedrooms added – 3 extra beds upstairs and 3 in servants’ quarters
– lighting fixes
– decided against: portals/rooms; mannequins in master suite
– added boat-doors to/from Raven Rock.

Contact Details:

(See readme)


  • Thanks to Bethesda for creating Skyrim.
  • Thanks to Korana for creating her incredible mods
  • Thanks to the members of the official forum for advice and feedback
  • InsanitySorrow – Pillows, towels, bathtub, soap, lanterns, toys, mortar & pestle, crystal ball, paintings, spools of thread
  • Lilith – Ready Clutter & Furnishings 1.1 (shelves, basins) inc resources by InsanitySorrow, Tamira et al
  • Teddy Bears by Tamira, Arion &
  • Runspect – toilet, bonsai tree, calla lilies, bottle, harp, flasks, tea set
  • mighty_joe_young – piano and seat
  • Expresate – location/troubleshooting
  • Arthmoor – troubleshooting


You can do what you like with it provided that it’s properly credited and nobody’s trying to charge money for it.

DOWNLOAD: Nexus, Steam

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