Solitude Barnacle Cottage


for Skyrim

Project: Princess Solitude Barnacle Cottage
Author: princess_stomper
Version: 1.2
Release Date: 23/12/13
Category: Houses
Website(s): Steam, Nexus


Skyrim + Update.esm
Hearthfire DLC


Small, simple two-bedroomed house in Solitude. The rear clings to the outer wall “like a barnacle” and has spectacular views of the docks.

Location: Solitude Marketplace

**INSTALL EITHER ‘Solitude Barnacle Cottage.esp’ OR ‘Solitude Barnacle Cottage KIDS.esp’ – not both!**


For PW, B & the kids
Merry Christmas!

Built according to a very specific request, this is a small-to-medium-sized cottage with a small lounge area, kitchen-dining room, bathroom, work area (enchanting/alchemy and workbench)
and two bedrooms.

The (optional, alternative) ‘KIDS’ .esp adds two children (a Breton girl Alyssa, known as Allie, and a Redguard boy called Karrod) plus their Dunmer nanny/housekeeper.

The master bedroom has a double four-poster bed and the other bedroom is designed for children (though I don’t know anything about scripting Skyrim to convince adopted children to live there).

The cottage’s front entrance is in the Solitude marketplace, and the rear exit clings onto the wall itself, leading out onto a small balcony (with Hearthfire planters) and then to steps leading all the way down to the docks.

Look carefully around the house – containers are frequently concealed, such as a miniature weapons plaque that is actually a storage box for keys.


Manual Instructions

1) Delete the files/folders associated with the mod


None that I’m aware of.

Known Issues:

The steps are fully navmeshed, though my follower did get a bit confused trying to run up and down them.


18/01/14: version 1.2 release to correct a couple of lore errors in the festive books
Optional ‘kids’ file added.
05/01/14 : version 1.1 removes festive decorations and puts the festive books in the bookshelf
23/12/13 : version 1.0 release


Thanks to Bethesda for creating Skyrim
Thanks to Charles Dickens for A Christmas Carol, as found here (lore adaptation by me)
Thanks to PW for the request

Tools Used:

Creation Kit, TES5Edit


You can do what you like with it provided that it’s properly credited and nobody’s trying to charge money for it.


barnacle cottage int


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