Northwind Hall


3-bedroom house just outside Anga’s Mill (to the north-west), due west of Windhelm.


A medium-sized 3-bed house near Windhelm

Just north-west of Anga’s Mill, due west of Windhelm


Fast Travel:

Mod Features:
* Two bedrooms (one double, one single) plus additional single

bed upstairs
* One en-suite half-bath and one full bathroom with ‘working’ shower
* Kitchen with Hearthfire oven and ‘working’ sink
* Reception area
* Study with alchemy and enchanting alcoves and indoor herb garden
* Dining area and upstairs lounge area
* Outdoor semi-covered forge area
* One very brave pet chicken
* Navmeshed (of course!)

Version history

1.2 Made mapmarkers active from outset; added tanning rack
1.1 Swapped bookcase nook with enchanting nook for better room layout; moved upstairs bed slightly to allow NPC to access; added idlemarkers throughout house; tweaked and refinalized navmeshes.
1.0 Initial release


REQ thread by WebHobbit:

OK so I been watching a ton of YouTube videos and I still cant find a suitable home for my latest character. I’ve built the Hearthfire stuff
before but I’m ready for a Mod Home now. First I will list want I want
& then I will list want I DO NOT want.
Wants:On Steam Workshop (and compatible with all DLCs and Unofficial patches)
Medium Sized  – three bedrooms – a Master ,one for the House-Carl and one for an additional follower
Full sized Enchanting Table (not the mini table top one)
Plenty of bookcases
Study (with big desk, books and plenty of beautiful if static clutter decorations)
Outdoor smithing equipment complete with smelter, anvil, etc
wood-chopping area
well lit interior
Follower friendly navmeshed through-outWhat I do NOT WANT:
Huge unreal basement areas with an army of mannequins
God-like features and give-aways
Dark (evil looking) interiors
HUGE layouts with too many rooms
Indoor Smelters/Forges
Extra NPCs added (unless attached to a cool quest to get home)

Bonus features I’d like (but don’t have to have):

Partially covered (yet open) “car-port” like designed outdoor Blacksmith area
A few Dwemer tech touches (ventilation systems, etc)

User selectable options than can be enabled/disabled


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