Princess Proudspire Manor


Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Princess Proudspire Manor
by Princess Stomper

1. Description


A simple extension to the player home in Solitude.

Proudspire Manor, Solitude (new doorway to the left inside the hallway when entering at street level)

Free. (Assuming you have bought the regular player house.)

Fast Travel:
No, just travel to Solitude/Blue Palace

New wing:
– Ground level:
— Bathing pool
— Kitchen, leading to
— Outdoor herb garden with small pond
— Forge with blacksmith tools
— Storage
— Pet dog, Jiub, with simple wander/sandbox schedule

– First floor:
— Display room
— Formal dining room
— Guest/companion quarters with two single beds

– Second floor:
— Study/library
— Bedroom with double four poster bed, window with ‘view’, en-suite half-bath and walk-in closet

Modifications to Proudspire Manor:
– Outdoor lantern by street-level door
– Plaque container marked ‘keys’
– Mead barrel (respawns) in storage area near alchemy/enchanting area
– Door to ‘Alessia Wing’

Navmeshed, of course.


3. Installation


To install the plugin, unzip the files into the “Steam/steamapps/common/Skyrim/Data” directory.


4. Playing the plugin


From the Skyrim Launcher, select Data Files and check the box next to the Princess Proudspire Manor.esp file.


5. Version History


*V1.0 – Original Release.


6. Compatibilty


This plugin may conflict with other mods that modify Proudspire Manor


7. Credits


Bethesda for the game
Korana for inspiration


8. Known Issues


The waterfalls in the bathroom sometimes appear to ‘leak’ through the adjoining wall, but stop when you look directly at them. Weird.

The framerates were fairly poor during initial testing, but seemed fine once I’d navmeshed the house, so hopefully they’re OK for you.


9. Usage


**Please email me with any bugs (see readme).  Feel free to modify and/or distribute this mod, but please give credit.


2 Responses to “Princess Proudspire Manor”

  1. Catie Says:

    hi i’ve had your princess proudspire mod for a while and hadn’t noticed up until now that it totally bugs my game when doing the MQ line and when i’ve explored ustengrav both with and without your mod installed it doesnt allow me to move foward within the game as delphine’s note is no longer there.
    and when the mod is installed it floods the cavern and removes the walls.

    • Princess Stomper Says:

      Sorry you’re experiencing issues. The nature of the non-loading cell issue was not brought to my attention until a few weeks ago. I ran it through TES5Edit and reuploaded it, so in theory it’s fixed. If you have any further issues, I’m afraid I’m out of ideas and can only suggest uninstalling. I didn’t pull the mod down in case anyone wants to grab the theoretically-fixed version.

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