Ascadian Ivy Cottage

Ascadian Ivy Cottage


The Elder Scrolls III
Ascadian Ivy Cottage v1.0
(Requires: Morrowind, Bloodmoon, Tribunal)


I was playing Morrowind on a very low-end device and didn’t think that it would be able to handle Korana’s amazing Ascadian Rose Cottage mod, so I thought I’d make my own ‘eight-bit tribute’ – a really small, simple mod with no external resources that takes a few ideas from Korana’s classic but was knocked up in a day or two (so don’t expect Abu Manor!).

It’s more-or-less where Ascadian Rose Cottage is – just on the edge of the lake near Pelagiad. The mods probably conflict, so if you can run Korana’s mod, use that one instead. It’s a four-bedroom cottage with fast travel to/from Balmora, a library, pool, and alchemy tower.

If you’re walking from Balmora towards Pelagiad, you’ll see the little library tower of my mod just before you reach Maurrie (the woman in love with the bandit), a little way before Pelagiad.

The cottage has:

  • four bedrooms (one single room, one box room (for the housekeeper or nanny), one nursery (for two children – or four really small ones), and a master bedroom in the attic)
  • a large reception area with dining table, fireplace relaxation area and kitchen
  • a balcony overlooking Lake Amaya and a separate deck area with a boat (door) to/from just outside Balmora
  • a tower with alchemy area, combat practice nook, display area (really overpowered, but I made it for me!) and library. The good books are in the cupboard
  • a basement with that overgrown plant thingy, wine cellar and swimming pool
  • a live-in housekeeper who will provide breakfast/supper, repairs, trades all items, enchanting, spellmaking and will teach you spells

The ‘glowing’ windows are just ordinary lightmarkers outside the windows – no scripts or anything, so shouldn’t impact performance.


5. Credits

  • Korana – inspiration
  • Thanks to everyone on the Elder Scrolls Forums


6. Usage

Usual free-use EUGA. You may use this as you wish, but please give credit where it is due.


7. Bug Reporting/Known Issues

[email in readme]

Cleaned with TESTool


2 Responses to “Ascadian Ivy Cottage”

  1. Oz Says:

    Cool page.. Enjoying all the mods too! Was just wondering if you were going to update or at the least leave a place where we can download some of the mods. Or maybe somewhere where they are hosted at? Or is Nexus the only place?

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