About this site

About two years ago, I went cap in hand to ElricM and pleaded with them to host my website. I had lost my existing host and was feeling rather lost, and the chivalrous Elric took me under his wing and offered me hosting, and spent many hours with me in the ensuing days helping me get PS Travel up and running.

The site was inspired by a travel agency I had used – Tapestry Holidays – and was based around the theme of games being an escape from everyday life. A holiday of sorts.

This is now my fifth year of modding, and in that time I have worked on (including contributions to other projects) over one hundred mods. I have made various videos, both to showcase mods and purely for fun, and I have written and compiled various lists and advice articles to help other modders and mod users.

Keeping all that information in one coherent place is becoming increasingly difficult, and as web standards change it is becoming a nightmare to maintain a site that is easy for me to update and easy for you to find things. The less time I spend on building websites, the more time I have to actually make mods.

Thus enters WordPress, which will be the new home of all my game-related endeavours. I will always view myself as part of the ElricM family, and remain ever grateful to Mike and Monica for their constant support and kindness.

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