Abandoned Morrowind WIPs up for grabs

As promised, I’ve uploaded a couple of abandoned WIPs that you are welcome to finish up and release if you are so minded:

Better Tribunal Main Quest

This was plugging some of the minor holes in the TB MQ – adding extra and alternative dialogue in key scenes. I think it was mostly done, from memory, but I’ve added in some notes as a text file for another modder to pick this up.

Mages Guild Apartments

I thought it might be nice if there was a comfortable room for the player in each of the mages guilds. I didn’t get too far in this one – as far as I recall, I did Balmora, Ald’ruhn, Caldera and part of the Wolverine Hall guild.

[Note: if you have any problems downloading the files, try logging into 4shared]

Abandoned Fallout 3 WIPs uploaded as modder’s resources

Since it’s pretty clear to me now that I’ll never finish them (with a young baby and all that – I only have time to mod one game, and that’s Skyrim), I’ve uploaded my half-finished WIPs in the hope that another modder will take them over, finish and release them.

Underworld Underground 2.0

This is an update to my previously released Underworld Underground mod. In this unfinished version, I’ve added a cavern market area, a tavern and a bathhouse. There was going to be more housing and the usual stuff you’d expect to find in an expansion.

Canterbury Expanded

This turned the boarded up buildings of Canterbury Commons into inhabited premises and improved the existing enterable buildings. The idea was to turn it into a pleasant, functioning town rather than a fortified bunkhouse. My progress notes are here. I did actually make significant progress in this mod, though there’s still plenty to do.

Rivet City Expansion

This is what it says – an expansion to Rivet City. I made a big hydroponic farm thingy, gardens to explore, and started work on the actual inhabitable area which was going to include a cinema, shops, a school and player/NPC housing. Here’s a few screenshots of the garden/farm area

The Scrapcave

This was a grand idea I had to create a castle out of scrap metal, with a huge Batman-style cave lair underneath it that would have lots of gadgets for the hero of the Wastes. I only seem to have two screenshots – those of the exterior – but I’d mostly finished the interior. There was just the cave-lair to build and a few bits to tidy up, as far as I recall.

[Note: if you have problems downloading, try logging into 4shared]

Mods uploaded to 4shared

I am uploading all of my mods to the following link:


Any remaining mods that aren’t already mirrored elsewhere will be uploaded to other sites over the coming weeks.

Broken links

NZdawghaus has very kindly been uploading mods lost in the Elricm/PES closures/archives to Morrowind Modding History, and I’ve updated the links here from his list, but if you spot any dead links, please let me know and I’ll try to find other homes for them.

NB just googling the mod will usually bring up alternative download links, mostly at softpedia, though I haven’t tested those links.

Closure of Princess Stomper’s Lounge

If you’re looking for the little Proboards forum I used to run, it’s now been closed since it was simply duplicating conversations held on other social networks. Like many private forums, it was slow-moving and little-used, so I made the decision to close it to maintain more active discussions elsewhere.

To find a small, friendly place to talk about Elder Scrolls modding, why not head on over to Skyrim Real Estate? I will, of course, be active there, posting threads about my releases and contributing to discussions on other people’s mods.

To those of you who made the five or so years of Princess Stomper’s Lounge a pleasure, thank you! Thanks also to Lady Rae, Kateri, Tommy Khajiit, Qarl and others who helped me set the forum up and keep it running smoothly throughout its duration.

New update to Calvus & Rerlas

I received an email from a user saying that the Calvus & Rerlas mod for Morrowind had some sort of issue or conflict whereby Helseth thinks that Calvus is still with you, even if you’ve left him outside, when you go to fight Karrod.

Because I couldn’t find whatever was causing this – Helseth’s dialogue was filtered correctly – I added a result to Helseth’s line whereby when he tells you to leave Calvus outside, it switches the variable MercenaryNear to 0.

Of course, this takes no account of whether the mercenary is with you or not, so the more unscrupulous player could theoretically bring Calvus into the fight – but better that than have the player permanently unable to fight the king’s champion or remove the line and risk the player inadvertently cheating in the match. I’ll just have to rely on your honesty for that one. I’ve done the same for Calvia and included both .esp files in the updated file which is up at Planet Elder Scrolls.

Now that the user has confirmed that the fix works, it’s safe to upload this to other sites – I’m sure I’ll get around to mirroring this at some point, but feel free to do so if so inclined (remembering that you’d be responsible for it if I update it again).

Talking of which, I was notified today that Softpedia have uploaded some of my mods to their site, but thus far they appear to be some of my smaller Oblivion mods. I’ll admit that I’m not terribly familiar with their site, so I’ll take it as a reminder to have a look and see what treats I can find.

New version of Silorn Manor available

Just a couple of small tweaks – beds and chairs in the manor are now Persistent, which should help companions find them more easily. I’ve also shifted the curtains around, which should help those using the See You Sleep mod as well as widen the choice of companion beds from four to six. There are only two functional chairs in both dining areas.