In Progress: Sercen Manor – Ayleid Tree Village

It’s almost exactly three years since I mentioned that I was making a sequel to my Silorn Manor mod for Oblivion. I’ve started making it about three times, too. Yes, I have almost as many WIPs as I have completed mods, but I normally do get around to themĀ  eventually.

After reinstalling the game again and yet again losing any progress, I suddenly knew how to make the mod work. You can blame Korana for this, because I got the modding itch while poking round her excellent Millstone Farm mod. I got the idea for this one from my Oasis house mod for Fallout 3 – the way to make the player feel like they are high up in a tree, whilst still allowing a stable, functional village base. I also knew where to set it, after falling in love with the Sercen ruin during regular Oblivion gameplay.

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In Progress: Jacobstown Expanded

Yeah, I know: why start a new one when you have so many left to complete? Well, this is small and simple – just four new interiors – and I did it in a day!

Just got to check it all works!

Screenshots from the editor, since I haven’t had a chance to check it out in-game yet.

In Progress: A Trivial Mistake

I found out something today that means I’m going to have to swap out two cells in Canterbury Commons.


“The barbers of former times were also surgeons and dentists. In addition to haircutting, hairdressing, and shaving, barbers performed surgery, bloodletting and leeching, fire cupping, enemas, and the extraction of teeth. Thus they were called barber surgeons, and they formed their first organization in 1094.[1] The barber pole red and white in spiral indicated the two crafts, surgery in red and barbering in white.” – Wikipedia

I had assumed the red-and-white striped pole outside what I had labelled a general store was some reference to candy. Now I’m noticing those poles everywhere! And, yes, always outside a gentlemen’s hairdresser. I’ll now swap over the barber shop and general store locations so that they can inhabit the correct buildings.

Just a small example of how the best laid modding plans can be unsettled by real life …

Work in Progress: The ScrapCave

A work in progress for Fallout 3.

I had a great idea watching The Dark Knight.

See, I’ve had a very unsatisfying time modding lately. Nothing seems to inspire me, though I can clearly see all my finished WIPs in my mind’s eye. I finished a house I’d been making in Anchorage (another one!) and decided immediately that I didn’t like it and deleted it right away. (Yes, I backed it up in case I suddenly change my mind later.) Working on anything else feels like a chore right now.

So I decided to build myself a castle. Out of scrap.

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Last Resort: Remaking Point Lookout

Canterbury Commons is of course not forgotten – I’ve merely shelved it for a short while as I think around a literal brick wall I’ve run into with one of my ideas for the mod. In the meantime, I’m distracted by wherever this week’s bout of inspiration is coming from, which at the moment is Point Lookout.

Point Lookout, MD

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In Progress: Visiting Canterbury

One of the main challenges with modding is remembering to serve the game, as opposed to simply using it as a platform for my own ego. Of course, there’s a place for just making random things for the hell of it, and room for many wild flights of fancy, but the mods I like best revolve around plugging any perceived needs in the game rather than just adding stuff for the sake of it.

Whether or not you inwardly cringe (and many do) at the choice of furniture in Mournhold Expanded or the Dagoth Ur casino in Ghostgate, both were the result of my need to see a sprawling “city of magic”, and “what happened next”, respectively. Neither were produced because I thought it would be a really cool idea to add x, but because I assumed that with infinite time and infinite monkeys, those things would have been there anyway. Maybe not exactly like that, but something along those lines.


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In Progress: Dominic and Machete’s House

When I first saw Dominic and Machete’s House in Canterbury Commons, I was quite horrified by what I found. It was a total mess of rubble, litter, broken furniture and dirt. In order to be able to transform this into a believable living and working space, I had a lot of work to do: there was a burnt-out car in the living room, for heaven’s sake!


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