Infernal City: A thwarted response

This post contains spoilers to the novel ‘The Infernal City’ by Greg Keyes

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New Land of Confusion video – by Joylock

A while back, I made a video for Fallout 3 using Disturbed’s Land of Confusion as a soundtrack.

A YouTube member called Joylock saw my (audioswapped) video and commented at the time. He later uploaded this video, which I think you’ll agree is excellent.

Recommended Mods

My old website had a list of “recommended mods”, but the list was frequently outdated with broken links and I decided not to continue it formally for this incarnation of the site.

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Stomper’s Soapbox: How To Get Girls

OK, so this isn’t strictly game-related, but every time I go to a game forum or site, this issue comes up, and frankly I’m getting bored of it. I figured that if I could just tackle it once and finally, I can just link people here in future. Yesterday, it was Tycho and Gabe wittering on at Penny Arcade, today it’s some rant about the same, and I can guarantee that even without looking there will be three active topics in Bethesda Game Studios’ Community Discussion forum on How to Get Girls.

The ludicrous thing is that it’s actually painfully simple when you think about it. You just need to do what Girls do to Get Guys and flip it – but weirdly enough you don’t get any topics in Community Discussion so I figure that most girls on the forum either have Got Guys or aren’t terribly worried about the issue.

I teased a friend of mine recently after pointing out that he naturally, unconsciously did all these things without even realising it, which gives him the net effect of coming off like Ace Rimmer. The difference being that Getting Girls (or Guys) isn’t about scoring or getting laid – it’s about managing your behaviour in order to make other people like you more.


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Retrospective: 15 Years of The Elder Scrolls

Fifteen years ago, something extraordinary happened. A small bunch of geeks in Bethesda, Maryland, published the first in a series of games that would lead them from being a modest sport and port game developer to one of America’s largest independents. Their history is as dramatic as any of the games.

First off, The Elder Scrolls: Arena wasn’t actually supposed to be an RPG. Bethesda were chiefly known for Gridiron! – a football game – and its pioneering real time physics engine, which led to a commission by EA for development of the first John Madden game. The relationship was not without problems, and Bethesda sued Electronic Arts for $7.3 million claiming that they’d stalled the cross-console release of Gridiron! after grabbing the best bits for their own Madden NFL.

With their roots so firmly established in sports titles, designer Ted Peterson says he was “laughed at” when he described the first Elder Scrolls game to other RPG developers. Arena was to be a simple gladiator game in which the player would travel throughout the world, fighting matches and rising in rank. Then the idea of adding side quests came in, and then areas were added outside of the arenas, until the initial plan was abandoned altogether and a full role-playing game was devised. The team then retconned the game’s name with the suggestion that the Empire of Tamriel had been dubbed “the Arena” due to its violence.

Ted Peterson, Vijay Lakshman and Julian LeFay were the brains behind the Elder Scrolls, under the guidance of Bethesda’s leader, Chris Weaver. The historic release was, however, beset with disaster, and the crucial Christmas 1993 release deadline was missed. Publishers felt that the packaging was misleading, and only 3,000 copies of the game were shipped on release. “We were sure we had screwed the company and we’d go out of business” noted Peterson.

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Rules of Modding

The Rules of Modding

This list was devised from a thread at the Official Forums, and the article updated slightly about six months after Oblivion’s release. Things have improved since then but it still might be a useful point of reference to modders of any of Bethesda’s games.

Modders post almost every day asking for advice on how to take the first steps towards modding. Many modders are intimidated at first with the idea of learning a new tool, and don’t think they can do it, when realistically it isn’t inherently any more difficult than – for example – designing a webpage: it’s easy to get started. Contributors include Casey Tucker, Kjon, Trey Leavens, Redwood Treesprite, deuxhero, Baratheon79, swrdphantom, Lady Rae, Sandman101, Fliggerty, Gren, Ghost_-_ruler, Nerra, ajeffreys, ginge13, Lud, Skinjack

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Broken link?

Broken download link? Most of my mods are backed up here:

All my Morrowind mods are at Morrowind Modding History

My favourite image

Bunny Blossoms (