Winterhold College Mage Student Dorm Improvements

Project: Winterhold College Mage Student Dorm Improvements
Author: Princess Stomper
Version: 1.0
Release Date: 09/11/2013
Category: Houses
Website(s): Steam, Nexus




Tiny mod to make the College of Winterhold feel more like home

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Hearthfire Cheat Chests

A simple little mod that adds 3 chests – one to each location – containing (hopefully) all the items you’ll need to build and furnish your home. Since the listings I found on various websites of how many ingots, clay bricks, etc. were a tad ambiguous, you might have three times what you need, but better that than not enough!  Read the rest of this entry »

Horse Armor (Skyrim)

My first mod for Skyrim is up now on Steamworks. I haven’t yet figured out how to link to it directly. It’s called Horse Armor and is simply a stat tweak to change all the player-owned horses to level 100 so they die less easily. It took about 5 minutes to make, and I briefly tested it in-game to check it doesn’t crash the game or anything.

:edit: Grab it here

Nuka-Cola De-Icer

“I just thought i’d address the issue that i saved up over 200 nuka colas because i was going to choose the quantum chemist perk so i coul convert them into quantums, then into nuka grenades. Come to find out, for a reason i have yet to know, you apparently can’t convert ice cold nuka colas into quantums. This made me mad considering i was saving since like level 16. Not only that, but theres no other way to get them from “ice cold” to just normal colas. I didn’t know this, so now i’m out a perk, and 20 quantums. Keep in mind that if you plan on using this perk, DO NOT put your saved colas in your machine at your house or suite.” – BGS forum post

This mod does not alter the perk or any existing scripts – it just gives you the option to turn your Ice-Cold Nukas back into ordinary Nuka-Colas for any reason you like.

The converter is a scripted small metal box placed next to the Pristine Vending Machine in either of the player homes. It is unlikely to conflict with any other mod.

Yes, I’ve fixed the hyphen in the display text (so it is consistently “Nuka-Cola”).

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Mini Butler

Resizes the reference of each robot butler – Wadsworth and Godfrey – to 0.35 scale, making them approx 1/3 their original size.

Download from Fallout 3 Nexus

Download from ElricM

Winter Wonderland

  • Takes the decorations from Dukov’s house – the fairy lights and decorated tree – and places them in key Fallout 3 locations
  • Adds the whole of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol in 16 parts as holotapes strewn around the Wasteland for a fun ‘treasure hunt’
  • Adds ‘new’ food/drink items Mulled Wine and Mince Pies to leveled lists

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Pink Vault: Hole in the Wall

All-interior subtly pink-themed vault-style home with interactive features, a nifty armor/weapon set and plenty of storage – accessible to/from 6 major locations. Sleeps 5


Fallout 3
Pink Vault: Hole In The Wall
By Princess Stomper

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