Nuka-Cola De-Icer

“I just thought i’d address the issue that i saved up over 200 nuka colas because i was going to choose the quantum chemist perk so i coul convert them into quantums, then into nuka grenades. Come to find out, for a reason i have yet to know, you apparently can’t convert ice cold nuka colas into quantums. This made me mad considering i was saving since like level 16. Not only that, but theres no other way to get them from “ice cold” to just normal colas. I didn’t know this, so now i’m out a perk, and 20 quantums. Keep in mind that if you plan on using this perk, DO NOT put your saved colas in your machine at your house or suite.” – BGS forum post

This mod does not alter the perk or any existing scripts – it just gives you the option to turn your Ice-Cold Nukas back into ordinary Nuka-Colas for any reason you like.

The converter is a scripted small metal box placed next to the Pristine Vending Machine in either of the player homes. It is unlikely to conflict with any other mod.

Yes, I’ve fixed the hyphen in the display text (so it is consistently “Nuka-Cola”).

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Pink Vault: Hole in the Wall

All-interior subtly pink-themed vault-style home with interactive features, a nifty armor/weapon set and plenty of storage – accessible to/from 6 major locations. Sleeps 5


Fallout 3
Pink Vault: Hole In The Wall
By Princess Stomper

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Knights Add-Ons

Two add-on .esp files for the Knights of the Nine expansion to Oblivion

Knights Essential: overrides the switching off of the essential flag on the knights, making them unkillable*
Knights Companion Quarters: adds a cottage, sleeping two, to the grounds outside the Priory. Also adds kitchen area to main priory building.


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The Holiday Mod

I originally ran this as a short, lighthearted competition at my forum, inviting other members to contribute items for the mod. Lady Rae, Tommy Khajiit and Santa_Cruz stepped up to the challenge, and you can enjoy their contributions as part of the finished mod. I used lots of other resources, too, including lots of bits by Korana.

Holidays and birthdays come to Morrowind!


New scripts adding many of the festivals listed in the Imperial Library – including New Life (Christmas), First Planting (Easter), Mid-Year, and Tales and Tallows (Hallowe’en).
Scripted streamers, Jack O’ Lanterns and pine trees appear and disappear with the changing days.
Playing characters are randomly assigned a birthday, and offered free drinks in the local tavern – plus gifts from their favourite companions.
Several of the most popular companions have their own birthdays, and the player can exchange birthday gifts and New Life presents with their in-game friends.
New dialogue, books (including a new story by Santa Cruz, decorations, food and drinks – and decorative items with placement scripts so that you can set up your own tree at home.

* Over 160 fairy lights decorating taverns and public places
* Over 50 Jack O’ Lanterns up for Tales and Tallows
* Festive trees in Balmora and Seyda Neen
* New books, and many more decorations, food and drinks, and fireworks
* New vendor NPCs and street market stalls in major towns (with contributions by Lady Rae & Tommy Khajiit)
* New dialogue explaining the festivities
* Festival days with cut-price bargains on sale
* Birthdays for every player, every race, and many companions

See readme for full details

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The Bedroll Shop


Owing to Imperial planning restrictions, those seeking to set up new trading establishments are having to build into L-space, otherwise known as The Void.

In this particular instance, the ‘impossible space’ is through the door just above Ra’Virr the trader’s shop in Balmora. You will find Indrel’s new store, where she will sell a selection of colorful, comfortable and portable bedrolls.

The selection includes :

  • 10 bedrolls retextured by Princess Stomper;
  • 40 bedrolls retextured by RedwoodTreeSprite
  • 10 futons retextured by RedwoodTreeSprite from the Asian futon packs 1 & 2.


For compatibility with NOM, download this patch (NB: the patch requires both expansions). (The patch download link still works at PES)

Simply Fish

Minigame. Adds a fishing pole called Simple Fishing Pole for sale in Thongar’s Tradehouse in Khuul, and Fatleg’s Drop Off in Hla Oad. The pole has a script with a random result – a catch will add fish scales to the player’s inventory.
Size: 3kb WinZip


The Elder Scrolls III
Simply Fish.ESP Version 1.0
(Requires: Morrowind)

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Calvus and Rerlas

Adds modern ‘companion’ functions based on Grumpy et al’s scripts to Calvus Horatius (the companion in Tribunal), plus warping to the pets sold by Rerlas in the Great Bazaar in Mournhold. Calvus has more functions, more features and more personality.  The pets can be retrieved if lost and resurrected if killed.


The Elder Scrolls III
Calvus + Rerlas 1.1
(Requires: Morrowind + Tribunal + Bloodmoon)
Note: necessarily incompatible with the optional ‘Calvus’ add-on included with my Royal Chargen mod

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