New version of Crate Manor for Oblivion

Bizarrely, the previous version had a “known issue” during testing, which was that the exterior door was missing, but if you took the Shivering Isles ‘back’ door and then exited to the Imperial City, the door would be back in its place. I put this down to the regular savegame corruption that causes a lot of doors to go walkies, just as they did in Morrowind.

Therefore I didn’t take too much notice when someone emailed me about it.

However, once I’d finally sorted out my recurrent nightmare of driver problems that has caused me to cut back on my modding lately, I checked out Crate Manor. Somehow, both doors had gone missing. I must have broken it in version 1.1 but the very savegame issues to which I’d attributed the weirdness must have retained at least one working entrance, hence the problem going undiscovered.

Anyway, just restoring the doors from their inexplicable positions in limbo (what were they doing there? Who put them there?) wasn’t good enough. It had long bugged me that I had these pretty self-contained homes in the style of of the major cities, and no easy way to jump back and forth between them. So, more crates with more trap doors, and now the Crate Manor doubles up as a handy rapid transport system.

Of course it’s a cheat – and weirdness will undoubtedly ensue if you use the door to/from the Shivering Isles without going through the proper quest. You have been warned!

Split Expansion


This small town expansion for the Shivering Isles town of Split adds:

– New tavern with rentable room (‘honesty box’ rental system)
– Function room
– Doubles of barmaid and NPCs, to reflect Mania/Dementia divide
– Two traders (Manic and Demented)
– Unique house for sale, reflecting both factions (it’s inside the display case in either of the shops – don’t worry, you won’t get locked out)
– Two smiths (Manic and Demented)
– Chapel

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Silorn Manor

Silorn Manor is the manor of a living Ayleid Village, buried deep below Skingrad. The house itself is a six-bedroomed mansion with pool, servants’ quarters and many comforts and features. The village has services and fully-sheduled NPCs. There are 2 quests.

ORE competition winner

ORE competition winner

Note: You will need to ensure that your borders are switched off in order to use this mod (and many others). You can use a border removal mod like this or switch them off in the .ini file. Find bBorderRegionsEnabled in the .ini (in folder My Games) and change the value to 0.

  • Large Ayleid manor house with six individually-themed bedrooms, sleeping 12
  • Further servants’ quarters with recreation area and bathroom
  • Private lounge quarters with alchemy facilities, training area, library, breakfast room/display area, and study
  • Secret passage to evil necromancer’s lair and portals to the Shivering Isles gate and Skingrad with map-markers
  • Large dining hall and kitchen:
    – the food on the dining table respawns after 24 hours
    – ditto the top quality wine, and various food/drink items around the house
    – bake your own bread in the oven
  • Basement area with storage, food/drinks and interactive well
  • Large swimming pool with poolside bar
  • Alchemy garden with ‘welkynd dial’ with digital time display
  • Bathrooms with interactive baths
  • ‘Bins’ (respawning containers) in the bedrooms so that you can throw away any unwanted items. Trash is collected every three days
  • Well decorated throughout with low-mid value items that you can put in the containers provided and replace with your own, if you choose
  • Pets – a dog and a cat, for that feeling of ‘home’
  • A full complement of servants providing various services such as repair, trade and recharge
  • Visitors – two of the local residents will pop in to see you
  • Surrounding village with services and residents
  • Full ‘history of Silorn’ – books, notes, newspapers and journals
  • Scripted lighting for light days/dark nights
  • Two short fun quests

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Sexier Sheogorath

Ever felt that the MadGod of the Shivering Isles needed a makeover to go with that swoonsome voice? Well, now you can enjoy serving the Daedric Prince of Madness in three unique flavors: traditional, with subtle refinements; Daggerfall version, like in TES II; and Oh My Todd He’s Hot version, like Bethesda’s own Lurrve-Hobbit.

Whether you want my most unashamedly silly mod, or just a few tweaks to Sheo’s jawline, there’s something to suit you here.

DOWNLOAD from ElricM

DOWNLOAD from Planet Elder Scrolls

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Prettier Saints and Seducers

Details: Makes Saints and Seducers prettier
Size: 128k WinZip
*********************** The Elder Scrolls IV ***********************
*************************** – OBLIVION – ***************************
************************ BETHESDA SOFWORKS *************************


Mod Name: Prettier Saints and Seducers
Version: 1.0
Author: princess stomper



Makes the Golden Saints and Dark Seducers prettier, whilst retaining the general racial characteristics and features.
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New version of Crate Manor

Fixes in version 1.1: ownership on 2 beds in Anvil Wing, ownership on doors, a couple of floating misc items.
Known issue: if you have entered the cell prior to installation, you may not see the door in the IC Waterfront. Please use the other door, located at the SI gate. The door will reappear if you then exit the manor using the City Isle exit.

Passwall Home


Name: Reedy Wallow
Berth: 7 (1 dbl bedroom + 1 dbl guest rm + 1 sgl guest rm + servants’ quarters)
Location: Passwall, Shivering Isles
Unique Features: Scripted library, ‘back door’ to Crucible, various interactive items
Activities: None
Cost: 5000g (optional)
Size: 58kb WinZip

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Sheogorath Palace


Details: Adds new residential and entertaining quarters for Sheogorath, his guests and staff.
Size: 65.3kb WinZip
*********************** The Elder Scrolls IV ***********************
*************************** – OBLIVION – ***************************
************************ BETHESDA SOFWORKS *************************

Mod Name: Princess Sheogorath Palace
Version: 1.1
Author: princess stomper
Requires: Shivering Isles
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Princess Crate Manor

On the outside, it’s just an ordinary crate on the waterfront of Cyrodiil’s docks. On the inside, it’s a sprawling mansion with seven themed ‘wings’ reflecting the various architectures of Tamriel’s capital and its neighboring daedric realms.

Berth: 11 bedrooms, sleeps 18
Location: Imperial City Waterfront
Unique Features: Inside the crate (outside Bloated Float) is a hallway to 7 unique ‘wings’ of a sprawling mansion with servants, pets, and near-unlimited storage. Self-contained houses have bathrooms and pools, in styles from Oblivion to Paradise, and Anvil to Bruma
Activities: None
Cost: None
Size: 67.8kb WinZip


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Broken download link? Most of my mods are backed up here:

All my Morrowind mods are at Morrowind Modding History

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