Frequently Asked Questions

Introduction to Mods
If you are unfamiliar with mods, click here for a useful site full of links and tips, and here for suggested mods. Here are a few tips for new and existing modders.

The disclaimer appearing at the top of most pages of this website is in response to the request on the Bethesda Games Studios Forums for mod-sites to do so. For example, the Ayleids (by Lochnarus) in Mournhold Expanded also have the companion-share feature, so that you can dress the characters in the wide range of clothing available to buy in the mod. This, of course, means that you can also undress the elves, hence the disclaimer. Whilst the BBFC ’12’ rating is used as the upper anchor-point in my Morrowind mods, user discretion is advised. For example, any mods with ‘companion’ features are likely to contain dialogue in which sexual activity is implied (but not shown). Per the BBFC guidance, “Sex references may reflect what is likely to be familiar to most adolescents but should not go beyond what is suitable for them.” Television programmes classified ’12’ include Friends, and films include the Lord of the Rings movies. Mods for Oblivion would not contain material inappropriate to a BBFC ’15’ rating. Responsibility for deciding the suitability of the mod lies with the supervising adult.

Unless it is a ‘beta’ (unfinished/not fully tested) mod, or otherwise written in the readme, there is no restriction on the distribution of my mods so long as they are kept intact with all their files and the readme. If you do upload or redistribute the mod, you take responsibility for ensuring that you have the latest version, and of uploading any subsequent versions of the mod that are released. Please contact me before distributing my mods as part of a ‘mod-pack’, as these will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. If the mod is described as ‘beta’, please contact me if you wish to redistribute it for any reason. In the unlikely event that I am not available for contact either through email or via PM at the official forums, and do not respond within one month to reasonable attempts to contact me, then any restrictions on distribution will be lifted.

Requirements for games and their expansions are denoted on this website thus:
TES4 = Oblivion
SI = Shivering Isles
MW = Morrowind
TB = Tribunal
BM = Bloodmoon

In addition to those found on this site, click here for a list of mods that do not require expansions

You may translate any of my mods into any language. You bear the responsibility for ensuring the accuracy of the translation, and of correcting any problems caused by that translation. You are also responsible for ensuring you have the most up-to-date version of the mod, including any patches.

Usage in other mods
Unless stated otherwise in the readme, you are quite welcome to use any component (e.g. new textures) of any mod that I made. If I did not make that item, please refer to the person who made it. If in doubt, please contact me and I’ll clarify who to ask or credit. For scripts, please rename all variables to avoid conflicts. If you would like to make a new version of one of my mods, then please include the text from the original readme (highlighting any parts which have been changed by your mod) and make it clear what your changes have been. Please also include your contact details in your revised version.

For guidance on how to install a mod, please read this:

Here are some troubleshooting tips:

For Oblivion, the method is exactly the same, but the folder is called ‘Data’ rather than ‘Data Files’.
(Ditto Fallout 3)

Installation programs for 7zip for WinRar for most formats

Modding advice
If you are new to modding, here is a link with some valuable guidance on how to get started in modding, and there are further links in the links page.

Here also is a list of modding tips: Rules of Modding

The Elder Scrolls Official Forum’s Construction Set forum ( is full of knowledgeable and helpful people who would be happy to help you with any specific questions that you have about modding. It really is the best place to ask questions – not least because someone might have already asked the same question as you and had it answered there for everyone to read (see also the relevant boards for Oblivion and Fallout 3). I do try to answer all personal correspondence, but may ultimately refer you to the forums for further guidance.

This site is extremely helpful for those ‘less frequently asked questions’ with Morrowind scripting – odd things like the fact that the 34th variable does not work and nobody knows why.

The best way to have the mod you really, really want is to do it yourself. Failing that, if you ask at the Bethesda Games Studios mods board, you will either be quickly pointed in the direction of an existing mod that matches your request, or someone will take up the challenge (might be me, might be someone else). Requests for mods should be prefixed [REQZ] for search compatibility and ease of recognition. Please also bear in mind that request-mods are usually released publicly. If it’s a mod that I already made, and you would like me to customise it, then very specific quick and simple requests are more likely to be fulfilled than long and difficult requests. Additionally, in common with other modders, custom interiors are usually the result of existing collaborative relationships. The best way to receive something is to offer something (time, help or advice) in return.

Your mod isn’t exactly as I’d like it
When I make a mod, I make it the way I’d like to see it in my game. Usually, shortly before completion, I’ll add in any requested features or touches added by others to the WIP thread as a concession to other people who might want to use it. Other than requests (see above), I’m not making mods in the first instance for other people at all. As with request mods, if it’s an idea that fits in with my own personal game ideas, I’ll try to accommodate it in any updates. If it doesn’t run on your computer, or it doesn’t fit in with your personal preference to how the game should look, or it doesn’t have a feature that you would enjoy, I would suggest that you change the mod yourself to your liking in the construction set. (Please see each mod’s readme for any restrictions on uploading your own versions.)

The Bethesda End User Licence Agreement explicitly and implicitly forbids any monetary compensation for mods. All New Content (mods) belongs to Bethesda. Therefore no money can or should be offered or received in return for mods in any form and will not be accepted.

Many of my mods are hosted at Planet Elder Scrolls, who put the mods up for download at FilePlanet. Here is Mori’s advice on downloading mods for free from FilePlanet:

Over the past few weeks, I’ve seen many threads about how Planet Elder Scrolls is transferring them to FilePlanet which is a major game hosting site. Some of you think that FilePlanet is a paid service, which it is not. But you DO have to sign in (or sign up) to download mods, which I do believe tessource [TESNexus] does the same thing, so its not entirely unheard of. To sign up with FilePlanet (free) click on login–not Subscribe Now–and on the right it should let you sign up. You can also sign up with Morrowind Summit, which allows you to use that screen name on File Planet. You can also use this to sign up for free. NOTE: fileplanet also has paid services (which many people confuse with being the only option).

Now, since you’ve signed up and logged in (cookies must be enabled), go find the mod you want to download. Click on download. It should open a popup with a some links to queue lines. Scroll down past the premium servers, and click on one of the free servers. Most of the time you wont have to wait for morrowind mods, but sometimes you do. when you click on the link, it should open another popup with either the queue line, or the download link. If its the download link, just click it and you’ve begun downloading! If it’s the queue line, click on Wait in Line, and wait. when its your turn to download, click the download link (it should automatically start downloading if you don’t click on the link after 60 seconds of the download being ready.) YOU’RE DONE!

To unzip .rar, you’ll need WINRAR (google it) or ZIPGENIUS
TO unzip .zip, you’ll need WINZIP or ZIPGENIUS or WINRAR
To unzip .ace, you’ll need WINACE, or ZIPGENIUS or WINRAR
To unzip .7z, you’ll need 7zip or WINRAR


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