Balmora Wall House


Balmora Wall House by Princess Stomper
Requires: Morrowind + Tribunal + Bloodmoon

Q: What is it?
A: It’s a house. Well, an apartment, if you like, but there’s an upstairs (the bit where you walk in) and a downstairs (presumably, underground). The upstairs bit has a kitcheny bit and a dining bit, and the downstairs bit has a bedroomy bit (bunk) and a shower.

Q: Where’s the toilet?
A: There isn’t one. This is Balmora: you can poop in the bucket like everyone else.

Q: How come I can just walk right in and take this swank crib?
A: It belonged to your uncle* – you remember him? Adventuring Uncle Garas, who travelled all over Tamriel (until that thing with his knee). Consider this compensation for putting up with his rambling about “those immigrants” after too many sujammas on New Life Eve. He left you a note.

Q: Why is there a master’s alchemy set in the bedroom?
A: You own a two-floor apartment in the heart of the city; I think you can afford a fancy chemistry set.

Q: If this house was owned by a grumpy old codger, why are there so many ‘feminine’ touches?
A: That was the housekeeper, Alys. She ran off with a guar-herder. It was properly scandalous.

Q: There’s a ruddy great rock outside the front door!
A: That’s been moved in the mod, but other mods might put it back. Just press ` to open the console, click on the rock and type
then press return and then ` to close the console. Rock now gone. You may have to hop over the now-invisible rock, but at least it’s not blocking the door. (NB: you will only have to do this once; the collision will be gone the next time you load the cell.)

Q: Why is it called Strider-Side Cottage?
A: You can get a magnificent view of the silt strider when you’re hopping over the invisible rock that was previously blocking your front door.

Q: Is it compatible with NOM?
A: The shower has an nom_well_water script placeholder. If drinking from showers is your ‘thing’.

Q: Why di-
A: The wizards did it. The answer to any of your other questions is ‘wizards’.

Permissions: Feel free to upload/translate/incorporate into your own mod, don’t try to sell it, please credit me for my part.
Contact: (see readme)

*Not actual blood relative

DOWNLOAD and screenshots

Buyable Hlaalo Manor

Requires Morrowind only. Adds 3 bedrooms (sleeping a total of 8 ) to Hlaalo Manor, converting the then-bedroom to a study, and adding a bathroom and kitchen area to the main hall, and decoration to the balcony. Adds a podium and lecturn for minstrels.


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Balmora Baths and Halls

Adds Roman-style baths, a public hall and communal firepit to the Hlaalu Council Manor in Balmora. Requires Morrowind only.

ScreenShot 40

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Hlaalu Council Quarters

Adds a living area to the Hlaalu Council Headquarters in Balmora. Storage, cooking area, table/chairs and double bed. And a bucket. Don’t ask about the bucket unless you also want to ask why there’s no bathroom. Requires Morrowind only. NOM water barrel.

A very quick and simple, unfussy mod.

DOWNLOAD from ElricM

DOWNLOAD from Planet Elder Scrolls

Caius Romance

This mod adds an extra topic “–something more” filtered to Caius Cosades. The new topic is filtered through specific journal entries, so that the topic appears in-game only at certain points in the story. The entries build up a relationship between Caius and the player-character, culminating in his recall to the Imperial City. Additional to the new dialogue, Caius’s house has been extended downwards via a semi-concealed trap door. The new area has a kitchen, bathroom, and extended bedroom and training area, as well as plenty of storage.

Size: 8.38KB zip

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Better Rethan Manor

The one thing the Duke didn’t tell you, when handing over the construction contract, is that Armavel Hlervu, the architect, has gone utterly bonkers. Shortly after completion of this most unusual stronghold, Hlervu was quietly shipped off to an isolated retreat to live out his days conversing with the little pixies.

Size: 1.32MB 7zip

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Balmora Ghetto

Adds litter and fungus to the east side of Balmora for that “ghetto” effect, as described by the NPCs in the game.

Size: 1.32mb zip

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