Princess Anvil Basement 2.0

Berth: 2
Location: Abandoned House, Anvil
Unique Features: Convenient central location
Activities: None
Type: Apartment
Cost: None
Size: 7 KB WinZip



The Elder Scrolls IV
Princess Anvil Basement.ESP
(Requires: Oblivion)

Version 2.0 completely redesigns the basement, removing the upper floor and covering the windows to make it feel fully underground, adds a note of explanation, and rearranges the bedroom area including new use of meshes for bathroom suite.

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Princess Anvil Basement

My first mod for Oblivion – a simple basement-based house mod in Anvil


Berth: One double bedroom
Location: Central Anvil, through trap door in Abandoned House
Unique Features: Indoor bathroom
Activities: None
Cost: None
Size: 369k WinZip

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Fargoth’s Basement

This plug-in adds a new basement area to Fargoth’s House in Seyda Neen.

Size: 1.2MB 7zip


If you go through the trap door, you will find Fargoth’s brother Cimgoth busy playing a strange Dwemeri device with some VERY familiar puzzles.
Cimgoth has some dialogue, and the keyboard is interactive with pop-up messages of a rather familiar variety.