Dance of the Three-Legged Guar

A comedy adventure by Princess and Kateri


  • Join ex-Legion adventurer Arnand (Sorcha’s Breton Hunk) and his beautiful alchemist sister Evie (exclusive by Westly) in a romantic comedy! With Elves! Oh, okay, and zombies
  • Meet their friends: impulsive, job-hating Diren and runaway bride Gwen
  • Keep all four as companions, plus their pets wolf-dogs, and embark on a romance with either Arnand or Evie – that just might end in the most disastrous wedding in Tamriel
  • Travel to the Breton homeland of High Rock and a brand new village
  • Enjoy new interiors, including the stunning Charborne Cove, Arnand/Evie’s Balmora home and Diren’s Pelagiad apartment
  • Survive two unique, spectacular dungeon crawls in brand new locations
  • Command your own band of pirates and reap the rewards of adventure
  • Enjoy over 2000 lines of new, and often hilarious, dialogue – and over 40 new NPCs
  • Use all the companion features you’ve come to expect, and scripted situations that you might not have anticipated …

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