Princess Anvil Seaside Cabin version 2.2

Berth: 2
Location: Anvil Docks
Unique Features: All-exterior barn conversion with wooden plank construction and views of lighthouse
Activities: None
Type: Cabin
Cost: None
Size: 314 KB WinZip


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Princess Anvil Seaside Cabin

My second mod for Oblivion adds a cabin player home to the west docks bay area of Anvil. Because it is entirely constructed in the exterior cell, it allows superb views of the docks and bay. The cabin is located near the lighthouse. The view reminds me of somewhere in Greece I once went on holiday.


Berth: One double bedroom
Location: Anvil waterfront, near docks and lighthouse
Unique Features: Light and airy with spellbinding sea views. Ideal for short-term stays in fine weather
Activities: None
Cost: None
Size: 467k WinZip

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