Royal Chargen

This is actually one of my favourite mods of mine, albeit a very “quick-n-dirty” mod (hopefully not too dirty!) that gives an alternative backstory/faster chargen sequence, revamps the palace, and upgrades the packrats and hired companion in Tribunal. c/f my Royal Palace Revamped mod which is just the palace. I’ve never been entirely happy with the word ‘Princeps’, but it is the only appropriate gender-neutral term.

Berth: 9 in Princeps’ Quarters + servants/guards
Package: character generation scenario – play as a prince(ss)!
Location: Mournhold
Unique Features: Imposing quarters fit for a prince or princess, views over Brindisi Dorom and the Courtyard, extensive redesign of palace to make it more functional (kitchen, study, etc.)
Activities: Bolt-on enhancements to mercenary and pets
Type: palace
Cost: None
Size: 86kb WinZip



The Elder Scrolls III
Royal Chargen version 1.2
(Requires: Morrowind, Tribunal; add-on requires Bloodmoon too)

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