Princess DB Sanctuary

Adds private player quarters to the DB sanctuary in Cheydinhal – sleeping area, dining area, and living quarters.

Size: 5.23 kb zip


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Princess Cheydinhal House for Sale


Princess Cheydinhal House for Sale (TES4 +COBL)

Princess Cheydinhal House for Sale is a total renovation of the buyable player house in Cheydinhal. Its general theme and layout is based on a dream I had, which is the main focus of the home’s design. Therefore there are some anachronistic touches and modern design elements in the house. As a concession to the player, the most overt of these are contained in a single attic room that can be ignored if need be, but the user should bear in mind that this mod was not ultimately designed for other people’s Oblivion characters, but as a recreation of a real-world house in a dream.

Size: 17.3MB Winzip

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