Winter Wonderland: New Vegas

A really small mod to string up some festive lights around the place. It’s only a little touch but should cheer the place up a little bit.

Note: I had to lift up the room markers and then replace them when I was done, so I guess the mod changes slightly more than it could possibly need to, even if the player won’t see that. It’s not intended for permanent use anyway – just a seasonal novelty – but it all seemed to work fine for me.

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Winter Wonderland

  • Takes the decorations from Dukov’s house – the fairy lights and decorated tree – and places them in key Fallout 3 locations
  • Adds the whole of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol in 16 parts as holotapes strewn around the Wasteland for a fun ‘treasure hunt’
  • Adds ‘new’ food/drink items Mulled Wine and Mince Pies to leveled lists

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The Holiday Mod

I originally ran this as a short, lighthearted competition at my forum, inviting other members to contribute items for the mod. Lady Rae, Tommy Khajiit and Santa_Cruz stepped up to the challenge, and you can enjoy their contributions as part of the finished mod. I used lots of other resources, too, including lots of bits by Korana.

Holidays and birthdays come to Morrowind!


New scripts adding many of the festivals listed in the Imperial Library – including New Life (Christmas), First Planting (Easter), Mid-Year, and Tales and Tallows (Hallowe’en).
Scripted streamers, Jack O’ Lanterns and pine trees appear and disappear with the changing days.
Playing characters are randomly assigned a birthday, and offered free drinks in the local tavern – plus gifts from their favourite companions.
Several of the most popular companions have their own birthdays, and the player can exchange birthday gifts and New Life presents with their in-game friends.
New dialogue, books (including a new story by Santa Cruz, decorations, food and drinks – and decorative items with placement scripts so that you can set up your own tree at home.

* Over 160 fairy lights decorating taverns and public places
* Over 50 Jack O’ Lanterns up for Tales and Tallows
* Festive trees in Balmora and Seyda Neen
* New books, and many more decorations, food and drinks, and fireworks
* New vendor NPCs and street market stalls in major towns (with contributions by Lady Rae & Tommy Khajiit)
* New dialogue explaining the festivities
* Festival days with cut-price bargains on sale
* Birthdays for every player, every race, and many companions

See readme for full details

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Christmas At Lokken

This mod decorates the interiors from Emma’s White Wolf of Lokken Mountain mod using Korana’s items from her Granny Claus’s Christmas Gift mod.

Size: 6.48MB zip


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