Jacobstown Expanded


Fallout New Vegas
Jacobstown Expanded
by Princess Stomper


1. Installing the Plugin

To install the plugin, unzip the .esp file into the Fallout New Vegas/Data directory


2. Playing the Plugin

From the Fallout New Vegas Launcher, select Data Files and check the box next to the Jacobstown Expanded.esp file


3. Save Games

This plugin will not invalidate your old saved games. If you save your game while this plugin is loaded, you may encounter error messages when you reload the saved game without the plugin. But you will be able to continue on with the original game.


4. What It Does

A small, simple mod to expand Jacobstown by adding interiors to the four boarded-up bungalows. This mod does not affect the exterior or the Lodge.


– A general store
– “Bob’s Bistro” – a bar-restaurant
– A player home
– A barber shop (with face selection and hair menu)

To avoid messing about with dialogue, the added mutants/robots are scripted to bring the menus directly up.

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In Progress: Jacobstown Expanded

Yeah, I know: why start a new one when you have so many left to complete? Well, this is small and simple – just four new interiors – and I did it in a day!

Just got to check it all works!

Screenshots from the editor, since I haven’t had a chance to check it out in-game yet.

Thirsk Expanded

This just a small expansion, adding some very basic amenities to the village of Thirsk.


Very highly recommended:
Children of Morrowind: http://lovkullen.net/Emma/kids.htm
(Use with Thirsk Expanded Family.esp)


Whatever Thirsk: A History says about the fact that the expanding population of Thirsk simply move away, I simply didn’t buy it – Thirsk is not big enough to sustain itself, certainly not for 500 years! Therefore, I just added half a dozen cottages to the outskirts, outside the walled area (if you have Felsaad Revamped by Lochnarus – or Fortified Thirsk) or just a little way away from the hall. The only dialogue addition is to update the Services and Thirsk reponses. There is now a trader and an apothecary – a hamlet such as Thirsk would need a healer of some description and a trading post if nothing else, the remaining houses belonging to the staff at the mead hall.

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Suran Extended

This was the first city expansion I worked on (originally released in late spring 2005), and the first mod I made that I would regard as “distinctive”. It was heavily inspired by a holiday to the Greek island of Kefalonia – to the extent that the view from the Almyra hotel is actually the view across the Ionian sea to Ithaca, rather than the actual view of Suran you’d expect to see.

City expansion with houses, hotel, quests and plenty to explore …

Everybody needs a holiday. Fortunately, Suran – the Jewel of the Ascadian – is ideal for the tired hero in search of a relaxing break.


The features of this exquisite holiday location include:

  • A luxury hotel with three bedrooms (balcony views and canopy beds!) and two enormous suites
  • A hotel restaurant
  • A taverna with outdoor seating
  • An Olde-Worlde tea shop
  • A souvenir shop
  • An unusual villa with a pool and an incredible view of Bal Ur
  • A number of private NPC residences
  • Two new books – a brochure and a recipe book

Patch 1.2 fixes: Slightly alters the landscape affected by Suran Extended to reduce clipping issues, replaces Hlaalu-style access staircases with wooden ones, one or two other minor fixes.

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Megaton Home Extension


Berth: sleeps 3
Package: house mod
Location: Megaton
Unique Features: Luxurious extension to quest-reward home in the Capital’s most characterful city. Comfortable double-bedroom with en-suite well-scrubbed bathroom, and kitchen-dining room, in a convenient basement accessible through a discreet hatch.
Type: House Extension
Cost: none
Size: 10.0kb

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Mournhold Expanded

Mournhold Resort

Planet Elder Scrolls Hall of Fame Award

Planet Elder Scrolls

ModDB.com Mod of the Year 2006: Honorable Mention, RPG

ModDB.com Mod of the Year 2006 (Runner Up, RPG)

Mournhold Expanded (MW + TB + BM)

  • Over 200 new cells to explore
  • Huge palace with ‘river view’ windows in the bedrooms and a quest for ownership
  • Massive pleasure park with twelve themed adventure zones
  • Take an abandoned mine cart on a wild ghost train ride
  • Ride a magic carpet over a tropical sea
  • Take a gondola through a magical Akaviri Sakura orchard
  • Brave the Blizzard – Morrowind’s first rollercoaster
  • Soar over Vvardenfell on the back of a Silt Strider
  • Choose to ride a horse or a donkey
  • Enjoy free beer! Dancing and a cute petting zoo
  • Wrestle a bear
  • Go fishing, play chess or billiards, or try your hand at cards
  • Watch a spectacular firework display over Tamriel Park’s magical castle
  • Explore tiny replicas of each province of Tamriel, each with unique puzzles, rides and attractions
  • Numerous hotel rooms to stay in, restaurants to eat in and markets to shop in
  • Mournhold Resort – a luxury beach with a lively, music-filled tavern
  • Mournhold Docks – upgraded from Nemon’s beta, with hundreds of improvements while retaining the character of Nemon’s mod
  • Mall of Almalexia – completely reconstructed and filled with stunning creations from BadKarma, Korana, Calislahn, Pendraia and more
  • Andeera – from Nemon’s WIP – now the subterranean Argonian District, with plenty to see and do
  • Greater Andeera – another entirely new location, the underwater Argonian manor district
  • Ireni’s Beauty Boudoir – featuring iReni’s incredible faces and hair in a fully interactive beauty parlor
  • Residential areas of Bal Aruhn, Dayn Isra and Khajiit Town
  • A medium-sized player home to rent, buy or even steal!
  • Compatible with Necessities of Morrowind
  • Transport to and from Vvardenfell via Largukh gro-Lurn, captain of the Herald of Stars (Hla Oad), Kanit Efelen (Pride of the Sea of Ghosts, Sadrith Mora), Sebastien Emanene
    (High Rock Prosperity, to Seyda Neen) or Neveth Daresan the Guild Guide. There is also travel to the Docks from Ebonheart, and fast travel around the zones via guar cart!
  • Hundreds of NPCs with new dialogue and the occasional short, fun quest. Approx 60 of the NPCs have a simple companion script.
  • New playable/companionable race: inclusion whole of Lochnarus’ Ayleids, in their own tropical shanty town
  • Mournhold Expanded COM.esp adds children and items from Children of Morrowind
  • Choice of 4 .esp files – Mournhold Expanded.esp (regular), Mournhold Expanded NC.esp (No interactive chess to improve memory usage), Mournhold Expanded COM.esp (regular Children of Morrowind-compatible) and Mournhold Expanded COM NC.esp (Children of Morrowind-compatible, no interactive chess game) – Dozens of shops, cafes, offices and taverns – including retextured buyable furniture and plants, bedrolls, perfumes, music, foodstuffs and clothing Read the rest of this entry »