New Dance of the Three-Legged Guar Patch


A new patch for Dance of the Three-Legged Guar is now available for download. The rom-zom-pirate-com mod for Morrowind is still in its beta stage, but those who have downloaded the full test version can download the latest patch (version, which fixes an issue with Caius Cosades not talking to the player after Arnand leaves following the first meeting. The patch also adds an in-game warning that Evie’s quest is incomplete (following reports from bewildered players who hadn’t read the test notes), and changes the “boss fight” with Rolfgeir to make it a bit more interesting.

The patch is available here and, as always, please leave feedback in this thread on the official forums.

Dance of the Three-Legged Guar

A comedy adventure by Princess and Kateri


  • Join ex-Legion adventurer Arnand (Sorcha’s Breton Hunk) and his beautiful alchemist sister Evie (exclusive by Westly) in a romantic comedy! With Elves! Oh, okay, and zombies
  • Meet their friends: impulsive, job-hating Diren and runaway bride Gwen
  • Keep all four as companions, plus their pets wolf-dogs, and embark on a romance with either Arnand or Evie – that just might end in the most disastrous wedding in Tamriel
  • Travel to the Breton homeland of High Rock and a brand new village
  • Enjoy new interiors, including the stunning Charborne Cove, Arnand/Evie’s Balmora home and Diren’s Pelagiad apartment
  • Survive two unique, spectacular dungeon crawls in brand new locations
  • Command your own band of pirates and reap the rewards of adventure
  • Enjoy over 2000 lines of new, and often hilarious, dialogue – and over 40 new NPCs
  • Use all the companion features you’ve come to expect, and scripted situations that you might not have anticipated …

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