New Land of Confusion video – by Joylock

A while back, I made a video for Fallout 3 using Disturbed’s Land of Confusion as a soundtrack.

A YouTube member called Joylock saw my (audioswapped) video and commented at the time. He later uploaded this video, which I think you’ll agree is excellent.

Fallout 3 Land of Confusion Video

*Contains main quest spoilers throughout*
Listening to Disturbed’s excellent cover of Land of Confusion, it struck me how much the lyrics fit with Fallout 3’s main quest, so I put together a video integrating various plot points (and clips from various adventures) with the lyrics to the song. I noticed after I had finished that Three Dog doesn’t appear in the vid – but then my second character never met him anyway and there is the Monument bit so I guess that counts. It’s not quite sequential – but then I wanted the best fit with the song.

DOWNLOAD original version with Disturbed soundtrack

DOWNLOAD ‘reduced’ original version – lower resolution – for those on dial-up

Audioswapped version with Audio War soundtrack