Markarth Dwemer Palace

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New version of Crate Manor

Fixes in version 1.1: ownership on 2 beds in Anvil Wing, ownership on doors, a couple of floating misc items.
Known issue: if you have entered the cell prior to installation, you may not see the door in the IC Waterfront. Please use the other door, located at the SI gate. The door will reappear if you then exit the manor using the City Isle exit.

Princess Crate Manor

On the outside, it’s just an ordinary crate on the waterfront of Cyrodiil’s docks. On the inside, it’s a sprawling mansion with seven themed ‘wings’ reflecting the various architectures of Tamriel’s capital and its neighboring daedric realms.

Berth: 11 bedrooms, sleeps 18
Location: Imperial City Waterfront
Unique Features: Inside the crate (outside Bloated Float) is a hallway to 7 unique ‘wings’ of a sprawling mansion with servants, pets, and near-unlimited storage. Self-contained houses have bathrooms and pools, in styles from Oblivion to Paradise, and Anvil to Bruma
Activities: None
Cost: None
Size: 67.8kb WinZip


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