New Version of ‘Repair Bot’ available

I’ve increased the robot’s Intelligence to 10 in A Repair Bot, as Intelligence governs the repair skill. This should theoretically increase the robot’s repair ability. The old version is still available (both files at same link) for those who prefer the robot to be underpowered.


A Repair Bot


Fallout New Vegas
A Repair Bot
by Princess Stomper


I often found myself with broken gear and not knowing where or how to get it fixed. I figured that in a world with so many robots, there would definitely be robots programmed to fix anything that is broken, including the player’s gear.

This mod adds 14 “Mr Handy”-style robots to the game in various locations (near most major settlements) that wander around. Each is called “Mike the Mechanic”. Each has a “coin operated repair function”, meaning that when you click on them, the repair menu appears.



Mini Butler

Resizes the reference of each robot butler – Wadsworth and Godfrey – to 0.35 scale, making them approx 1/3 their original size.

Download from Fallout 3 Nexus

Download from ElricM