Winter Wonderland: New Vegas

A really small mod to string up some festive lights around the place. It’s only a little touch but should cheer the place up a little bit.

Note: I had to lift up the room markers and then replace them when I was done, so I guess the mod changes slightly more than it could possibly need to, even if the player won’t see that. It’s not intended for permanent use anyway – just a seasonal novelty – but it all seemed to work fine for me.

DOWNLOAD from Nexus

Homes to Let 2.0

Well, I figured that rather than continue to sit on it, I’ve uploaded version 2.0 of Homes To Let. I’ve not tested it, because I don’t play Morrowind any more, but figured that if you wanted to play with it or tweak it or frankly do whatever you want to do with it, you should have the opportunity to do so. Download it from Planet Elder Scrolls.

Release my Morrowind WIPs?

The announcement of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim puts me into a quandary: do I keep hold of my Morrowind WIPs on the tiny offchance that I’ll ever finish them? Or should I release them as modder’s resources in case anyone else fancies a go? Decisions, decisions …