New version of Silorn Manor available

Just a couple of small tweaks – beds and chairs in the manor are now Persistent, which should help companions find them more easily. I’ve also shifted the curtains around, which should help those using the See You Sleep mod as well as widen the choice of companion beds from four to six. There are only two functional chairs in both dining areas.

Alternative Road Names

The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion:
Alternative Road Names.ESP
(Requires: Oblivion)

(click to enlarge)
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In Progress: Sercen Manor – Ayleid Tree Village

It’s almost exactly three years since I mentioned that I was making a sequel to my Silorn Manor mod for Oblivion. I’ve started making it about three times, too. Yes, I have almost as many WIPs as I have completed mods, but I normally do get around to themĀ  eventually.

After reinstalling the game again and yet again losing any progress, I suddenly knew how to make the mod work. You can blame Korana for this, because I got the modding itch while poking round her excellent Millstone Farm mod. I got the idea for this one from my Oasis house mod for Fallout 3 – the way to make the player feel like they are high up in a tree, whilst still allowing a stable, functional village base. I also knew where to set it, after falling in love with the Sercen ruin during regular Oblivion gameplay.

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New Version of ‘Repair Bot’ available

I’ve increased the robot’s Intelligence to 10 in A Repair Bot, as Intelligence governs the repair skill. This should theoretically increase the robot’s repair ability. The old version is still available (both files at same link) for those who prefer the robot to be underpowered.