Vivec Hlaalu Condo

Another short-but-sweet unplanned mod, inspired by both Ravensong’s Redoran Condo and the kitchen stove from Sniper Daria’s Japanese House.

Berth: 4
Location: Curio Cottage, (next to) Curio Manor, Hlaalu Plaza, Vivec
Unique Features: En-suite baths, ashpit stove, fast travel to other cantons
Activities: None
Type: Apartment
Cost: None
Size: 8 KB WinZip


Adds an apartment called ‘Curio Cottage’ to Vivec’s Hlaalu Plaza.
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Vivec Nerevarine Palace

Berth: 30+, various suites + servants quarters
Location: Vivec
Unique Features: New canton in Vivec (should not conflict with Latest Greatest Housing Mod), mostly unfurnished, ballroom, pool, two dining rooms
Activities: Speak to Vivec, designed for self-furnishing
Type: Palace
Cost: None
Size: 15.9MB 7zip



The Elder Scrolls III
Vivec Nerevarine Palace Version 2.0
(Requires: Morrowind, Tribunal, Bloodmoon)


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Ascadian Ship Home


Adds a shipwreck to an island next to the Mudan Grotto, south of Vivec, in cell Ascadian Isles 0, -15.

Size: 28.4kb zip

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