Less Generic NPC Project

About the LGNPC mods:

The Less Generic NPC project, or LGNPC for short is a mod that aims to replace all the repetitive Morrowind dialogue with more interesting and engaging conversations. We want each NPC in every town, village, or camp to have his or her own personality and back story. We have decided to approach this mod town by town, and release each one when it is finished.

We hope to ultimately replace the dialogue for every NPC on Vvardenfell, and so far we have completed six towns and a big city. The big city we are talking about is Ald’ruhn, the main headquarters of House Redoran. It is actually the largest single mod we will release, since we are going to do Vivec one canton at a time. This plugin is the biggest Morrowind dialogue mod ever released, containing over 3000 responses for 250 topics, which is equivalent to more than 500 MSWord pages. Moreover, it has 30 quests for you to enjoy. To learn more about its other features, visit the downloads page and get the mod, which is packed into a small 250KB archive, not being a problem for the slowest connections out there. Our latest mod, Tel Mora, is much less fluffy than Pelagiad, as you might expect from a lonely Telvanni settlement on a wind-swept coast. This time around you’re even more likely to encounter… not very sane people, but can you blame them living in a women-only town?

We have aimed to preserve the Morrowind dialogue feel with each of our NPCs, so you can rest assured none of them will tell you their new DVD player is cool. We plan to release merged mods for each region when it is done, and eventually a single mod for all of Vvardenfell. Many NPCs in the towns we replaced now have branching dialogue, as well as completely unique responses to countless topics. Any NPC that is part of a quest still functions as before, but has unique dialogue. For example, you can still rescue Madura for the Imperial Legion despite the Ald Velothi mod, and you can still get quests from the new Neminda in the Ald’ruhn mod.

Many NPCs also have quests attached. We do not like over-powering rewards, so some of those include healing scrolls, jewelry, a small house in Maar Gan, alchemy knowledge, reputation, and miscellaneous artifacts, all balanced with the quests they are gained from. In addition to that, some new quests are intertwined with the old ones, and of course the old ones are always taken into account when each NPC is written.

The LGNPC Series was inspired by the original Less Generic NPC Project: Seyda Neen, created by Joe Stevens.

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Something as ambitious as Pelanor should at least be recorded, even if it didn’t actually happen in the end.

Basically, Korana had the idea for this city that would be all in interiors. She made some pretty effing sweet cells.

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Exclusively for members of Oblivion’s Real Estate who chose to become involved in the project, Orelia is a self-contained worldspace with homes and buildings to reflect the members of the ORE community.


Sacryn – creator of the Orelia world.
Shezrie – Towns and farmlands.
Speckledguar – Inn, lighthouse, library, tavern and other interiors.
LordRahl – worldmap, fixing the LOD, creating the ESM and portal ESP.
Meo – signs and post boxes, Orelia banners.
Oblivimonk – Low Bottom tavern.
Kalikut – door mats.
Phaedra – cleaning the mod.
Bond –¬†for compiling an amazing resource pack and for his resources.
Leon – extra interiors
Xiamara – sofas, the gorgeous bedroom furniture.
Zimnel – the curtains, retextured sofas.
Mr_Siika – dwarven city tileset.
Phitt – 4 poster bed, chandeliers.

I contributed a small farmhouse.

Wolverine House

This was one of my earliest mods. It just wasn’t particularly good, and I basically never used it, so I went back to it and did it again. I’m much happier with it this time, to the extent where it’s one of the houses I’m most keen on that I’ve done.

Berth: 4
Location: Wolverine Hall, Sadrith Mora
Unique Features: 3-bed apartment with bathroom, kitchen, dining room and lounge, fully furnished with themes (“fairytale”, “ocean”, and “Dwarven”), faux-exterior view in Lounge
Activities: None
Type: Apartment
Cost: 10,000g, purchase from vendor at Fara’s Hole in the Wall (see readme). If vendor does not appear or doubling occurs, clean savegame with Mash.
Size: 0.9MB Winzip


Wolverine Hall Apartment

Name: Altehr’s Apartment
Berth: 1-2
Location: Wolverine Hall, Sadrith Mora
Unique Features: House-sit for absent mage in convenient location. Boat travel to/from Seyda Neen.
Activities: Speak to Tyermaillin
Type: Apartment
Cost: None
Size: 0.3MB 7zip



The Elder Scrolls III
Wolverine Hall Apartment.ESP Version 1.2
(Requires: Morrowind)

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Vos Plantation

By request, for Petiboy

Requires Morrowind + Tribunal + Bloodmoon


Credits: Princess Stomper, Dongle (water barrel), Despair (Potion sorter scripts and pots)

To use: Extract to Morrowind\Data Files, ensuring that all the textures and meshes end up in their correct places. Check the Data Files box next to Vos Plantation.esp.


The plantation is just over the hill to the north of the town of Vos. There is a nice beach nearby and an apparently friendly small camp; it is quite far to the south of the nearby Ashlander camp.

The house has a bedroom, dining room/kitchen, alchemy sorter, pool, roof terrace and garden. There are three slaves – I thought you wanted them (can’t remember why) but if you don’t want slaves you could always roleplay them as paid servants, or just remove them in the construction set. There is corkbulb and saltrice growing outside as requested. The marshmerrow is in a tub of water because it only grows in water, not out of the ground. The well out back is not NOM-compatible, but the special bucket on top is.

The house is actually a copy-paste of the Molag Mar house in Homes To Let. The difference is that I took out the second bedroom and put Despair’s alchemy resource in there instead. There are four high-capacity chests in there for storage, and I added a couple of tables and chairs to make the living room you wanted. I’ve also added a stove into the dining room to make it more of a kitchen.

Usage: You are free to use, modify and distribute this however you like, so long as the proper credit information is given.

DOWNLOAD from Planet Elder Scrolls

DOWNLOAD from ElricM

May alternatively be downloaded as part of Vos Expansion

Vivec Nerevarine Palace

Berth: 30+, various suites + servants quarters
Location: Vivec
Unique Features: New canton in Vivec (should not conflict with Latest Greatest Housing Mod), mostly unfurnished, ballroom, pool, two dining rooms
Activities: Speak to Vivec, designed for self-furnishing
Type: Palace
Cost: None
Size: 15.9MB 7zip



The Elder Scrolls III
Vivec Nerevarine Palace Version 2.0
(Requires: Morrowind, Tribunal, Bloodmoon)


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