Megaton Home Extension


Berth: sleeps 3
Package: house mod
Location: Megaton
Unique Features: Luxurious extension to quest-reward home in the Capital’s most characterful city. Comfortable double-bedroom with en-suite well-scrubbed bathroom, and kitchen-dining room, in a convenient basement accessible through a discreet hatch.
Type: House Extension
Cost: none
Size: 10.0kb

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Princess Hole in the wall

Adds a single cell – Hole in the Wall – a small simple shack full of shameless cheats (workbench, nuka machine, infirmary, lab – but not TOO overpowered) as well as useful items (a non-restocking safe with 800 caps and LOTS of storage). There’s a bed, fridge, bathroom and simple living stuff so you could use it as a starter home – or it’s just somewhere to sleep the night if you find yourself stuck with no money in the middle of the night.

Size: 6.56kb zip


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