Abandoned Morrowind WIPs up for grabs

As promised, I’ve uploaded a couple of abandoned WIPs that you are welcome to finish up and release if you are so minded:

Better Tribunal Main Quest

This was plugging some of the minor holes in the TB MQ – adding extra and alternative dialogue in key scenes. I think it was mostly done, from memory, but I’ve added in some notes as a text file for another modder to pick this up.

Mages Guild Apartments

I thought it might be nice if there was a comfortable room for the player in each of the mages guilds. I didn’t get too far in this one – as far as I recall, I did Balmora, Ald’ruhn, Caldera and part of the Wolverine Hall guild.

[Note: if you have any problems downloading the files, try logging into 4shared]

Abandoned Fallout 3 WIPs uploaded as modder’s resources

Since it’s pretty clear to me now that I’ll never finish them (with a young baby and all that – I only have time to mod one game, and that’s Skyrim), I’ve uploaded my half-finished WIPs in the hope that another modder will take them over, finish and release them.

Underworld Underground 2.0

This is an update to my previously released Underworld Underground mod. In this unfinished version, I’ve added a cavern market area, a tavern and a bathhouse. There was going to be more housing and the usual stuff you’d expect to find in an expansion.

Canterbury Expanded

This turned the boarded up buildings of Canterbury Commons into inhabited premises and improved the existing enterable buildings. The idea was to turn it into a pleasant, functioning town rather than a fortified bunkhouse. My progress notes are here. I did actually make significant progress in this mod, though there’s still plenty to do.

Rivet City Expansion

This is what it says – an expansion to Rivet City. I made a big hydroponic farm thingy, gardens to explore, and started work on the actual inhabitable area which was going to include a cinema, shops, a school and player/NPC housing. Here’s a few screenshots of the garden/farm area

The Scrapcave

This was a grand idea I had to create a castle out of scrap metal, with a huge Batman-style cave lair underneath it that would have lots of gadgets for the hero of the Wastes. I only seem to have two screenshots – those of the exterior – but I’d mostly finished the interior. There was just the cave-lair to build and a few bits to tidy up, as far as I recall.

[Note: if you have problems downloading, try logging into 4shared]

In Progress: Sercen Manor – Ayleid Tree Village

It’s almost exactly three years since I mentioned that I was making a sequel to my Silorn Manor mod for Oblivion. I’ve started making it about three times, too. Yes, I have almost as many WIPs as I have completed mods, but I normally do get around to themĀ  eventually.

After reinstalling the game again and yet again losing any progress, I suddenly knew how to make the mod work. You can blame Korana for this, because I got the modding itch while poking round her excellent Millstone Farm mod. I got the idea for this one from my Oasis house mod for Fallout 3 – the way to make the player feel like they are high up in a tree, whilst still allowing a stable, functional village base. I also knew where to set it, after falling in love with the Sercen ruin during regular Oblivion gameplay.

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In Progress: Jacobstown Expanded

Yeah, I know: why start a new one when you have so many left to complete? Well, this is small and simple – just four new interiors – and I did it in a day!

Just got to check it all works!

Screenshots from the editor, since I haven’t had a chance to check it out in-game yet.

If everyone else can install it and you can’t, the problem is probably with you.

It’s pretty rare I’ll want to type something like this, but a conversation just now with another modder highlighted the source of much collective eye-rolling amongst modders.

Before leaving feedback on anything, please check that you have actually read the information provided.

Some frequently asked questions lately regarding Oblivion mods:

1. The front door is missing.

No it’s not. Like with Morrowind, Oblivion’s modded doors “disappear” or move to strange places when your savegame is corrupt. Start a new game.

2. Your mod is teh buggiest thing evah! I just fell through the floor, for heaven’s sake!

Your savegame is corrupt. See disappearing doors.

3. You’ve put loads of overpowered/unique items in a cell!

No. I took the health off, or reduced the value, or broke them in some way. Please make sure you know what you’re looking at before criticising it.

4. The game is telling me to “turn back” before I can even reach the front door!

You haven’t disabled your borders. I’m not going to explain that one. Check the info tab on the download page. Check the information given in response to people who didn’t bother to check the info tab on the download page.

What’s that saying? “The IQ of a crowd is the lowest individual IQ divided by the number of people in the crowd”. Experiencing or reporting those “problems” is not in itself idiotic, but publicising them with an air of sneering condescension at the imagined stupidity of the modder has a habit of rebounding on the poster. Then again, I do hold a certain amount of sympathy.

In Progress: A Trivial Mistake

I found out something today that means I’m going to have to swap out two cells in Canterbury Commons.


“The barbers of former times were also surgeons and dentists. In addition to haircutting, hairdressing, and shaving, barbers performed surgery, bloodletting and leeching, fire cupping, enemas, and the extraction of teeth. Thus they were called barber surgeons, and they formed their first organization in 1094.[1] The barber pole red and white in spiral indicated the two crafts, surgery in red and barbering in white.” – Wikipedia

I had assumed the red-and-white striped pole outside what I had labelled a general store was some reference to candy. Now I’m noticing those poles everywhere! And, yes, always outside a gentlemen’s hairdresser. I’ll now swap over the barber shop and general store locations so that they can inhabit the correct buildings.

Just a small example of how the best laid modding plans can be unsettled by real life …

Work in Progress: The ScrapCave

A work in progress for Fallout 3.

I had a great idea watching The Dark Knight.

See, I’ve had a very unsatisfying time modding lately. Nothing seems to inspire me, though I can clearly see all my finished WIPs in my mind’s eye. I finished a house I’d been making in Anchorage (another one!) and decided immediately that I didn’t like it and deleted it right away. (Yes, I backed it up in case I suddenly change my mind later.) Working on anything else feels like a chore right now.

So I decided to build myself a castle. Out of scrap.

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